On August 6, 2018, the Central Government Procurement Center released the “2018-2019 National Government Offices Bid Announcement for the Supply and Procurement of Information Products (Hardware) and Air-Conditioning Products” on its website, in which all the Ruijie servers and accessories in the first bid package, as well as the network equipment and accessories in the second bid package were shortlisted, including 27 product series from five product lines (switches, routers, wireless, security, and servers), a total of more than 180 products.
The Central Government Procurement Center procurement project is one of the most influential ones for the Chinese government, and at the same time, an important procurement reference for local governments and enterprises. Ruijie has been deeply involved in government IT projects for a decade, and has provided comprehensive solutions for more than 70 ministries across 32 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. The inclusion of all Ruijie’s product lines in the  Central Government Procurement Center procurement directory confirms the strength of Ruijie in the field of digital communication solutions, as well as the company’s industry-based, in-depth scenario-oriented craftsman’s spirit.
Flexible & Controllable, Helping Governments Use the Cloud Service Effectively
Among Ruijie servers and accessories in the first bid package, the cloud office server host was shortlisted in the rack server category. Ruijie Cloud Office 3.0 Integrated Edition solution can flexibly adapt to multiple scenario applications through the integration of VDI and IDV technologies. In IDV mode, the compatibility requirements of various peripherals at government offices is fully satisfied, and daily office work can operate continuously in an offline state. VDI mode meets the high security requirements for data in call centers and classified networks, providing a flexible cloud office support solution for multiple applications in government departments.
Full Line of Data Communications Products Shortlisted
In the second bid package for network equipment and accessories of this year’s National Government Offices IT Products Procurement Directory full line of Ruijie Networks data communication products were shortlisted, in a total of 108 low, middle, and high-end products from 11 product categories including switches, routers, and wireless.
Data-driven, Visible and Controllable Security for Government Affairs 
In addition, Ruijie's firewall, log auditing system, online behavior management system and other network security products were also shortlisted in this year’s Central Government Procurement Center procurement directory, in a total of 68 products from 14 categories, among which the RG-BDS big data security platform was shortlisted for the first time in the National Government Offices IT Products procurement directory.
The RG-BDS big data security platform is a comprehensive log analysis platform created by Ruijie. Based on distributed big data technology, the RG-BDS can easily support PB-class high-capacity log storage and fast query reaching an astounding speed of 1 billion logs/second. The RG-BDS can also help users quickly build a secure data warehouse fully compatible with common industry equipment and software logs, and meeting the requirement of six-month log retention in the Network Security Law.
As China’s leading brand providing data communication solutions, Ruijie Networks has been committed to providing innovative scenario-based solutions. Through its long-term practical experience in government services informatization, Ruijie has become a trusted partner in government procurement, which reflects the strength of its products in the industry. In the future, Ruijie will continue its path of independent research and development, providing comprehensive products and solutions for the government and industry, and striving to become a strong partner in the informatization of government offices.