On April 19, Ruijie Networks Solution Day 2018, which featured a theme of “Industry-focused and Deepen-partnership”, convened in Phuket, Thailand. Grace Zeng, Vice President of Ruijie Networks, Adam Tang, General Manager of the International Business Division, Dirk Yin, Deputy General Manager, and more than 100 channel partners from Türkiye, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. gathered to discuss new challenges and opportunities in the era of digital economy.
Ruijie Networks Solution Day 2018
Adam Tang, General Manager of the International Business Division remarked, “After 18 years of development and growth, Ruijie’s business has proceeded to a new stage of globalization. Ruijie and its partners will focus intently on technology, product, and industry to build a more complete channel ecosystem and accelerate the implementation of a globalized strategy layout.” 
Adam Tang, General Manager of the International Business Division delivers a speech
  • Ruijie’s Growth Leads Digital Transformation
Vice President Grace Zeng stated that, “By relying on ‘scenario innovation’, Ruijie has sustained high-speed growth. Our average growth over the past three years far exceeds the average level of the global ICT market. In 2017, Ruijie Networks continuously innovated and released products that were well-received. The company has established new benchmarks in a number of technical fields. Ruijie has achieved many “industry firsts” and it continues to outdo itself, making breakthroughs in a wide variety of sectors, including telecommunications, finance, energy, government, enterprise, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing. In the meantime, Ruijie has enhanced its level of global service. Thanks to projects like the network construction for the University of Malaya and wireless service for the 2017 APEC Leaders Conference, the company has been widely recognized by users, laying a solid foundation for the expansion of the overseas market.”
Vice President Grace Zeng delivers a speech
One of the key factors that has sustained Ruijie’s outstanding market performance is the company’s continuous improvement of its product innovation capabilities. In 2017, Ruijie pioneered research and development for the architecture product and technology of a 25G data center. By mastering leading technologies like RDMA, visualization, and de-stacking, the company successfully created the product lineup using the 25G data center architecture. As one of the first companies in the world to launch scale production and commercialization, Ruijie plays a leading role when it comes to 25G data centers. The company’s “visibly good wireless experience” has earned trust from major clients like Alibaba, Tencent and Suning, establishing a new benchmark for 10,000-user Wi-Fi networks. In addition, Ruijie Networks has carefully crafted its stunning Cloud Class, utilizes refined scene subdivisions, continuously consolidates technical reserves and promotes the widespread application of virtual desktop technology in industries like education, healthcare, finance, transportation, logistics and manufacturing.   
  • “3+2+1”, Ruijie Precisely Targets Overseas Markets
Ruijie Networks currently operates 5 research & development centers, 41 branches and works with over 5,000 partners, with a business scope covering over 30 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. In the meantime, Ruijie stresses globalized development and enhances its global presence by expanding its overseas market and collaborating with international partners in supply and distribution. 
At the conference, Vice President Grace Zeng used “3+2+1” to illustrate Ruijie’s overseas strategy. Following this model, Ruijie will focus on three product lines: “Switches, Wireless and Cloud Class”. The company will make important breakthrough in the two industries of “Education and Small and medium-sized enterprises” and will spare no effort to cement the “Value-added” ecosystem of partnership. 
Ruijie’s switch, wireless and Cloud Class products perform quite well in the Chinese market, ranking fourth, second, and first in terms of market coverage. In the switch field, Ruijie has provided a product lineup with a high cost-performance ratio and caught the attention of overseas users with its new data centers, campus network and industrial switches. Based on wireless products like the scenario-based APs and wireless controllers, Ruijie has launched two kinds of cloud service, WIS (Wireless Intelligent Service) and Ruijie Cloud, seeking to provide a better wireless experience to overseas markets. In addition, according to IDC data, Ruijie Networks has introduced a game-changing innovation in virtual desktop technology and assumed a leading position with a 38.4% market share. The company also ranks No.1 in the education and healthcare industries. Dirk Yin, Deputy General Manager of the International Business Division pointed out: “With respect to innovations in virtual desktop technology, Ruijie Networks will have a technological advantage as the sole player providing an IDV and VDI integration scheme. The company will also achieve groundbreaking reform in the computer classroom overseas and push forward the perfect combination of cloud computing and enterprise office.” 
Dirk Yin, Deputy General Manager of the International Business Division delivers a speech
Since the beginning, Ruijie has focused on the development of education and small and medium-sized enterprises which are “two strategic windows” for the exploration of international markets. They not only entail huge market growth opportunities, but also highlight Ruijie’s core product value. Most nations in the world currently stress the development of education information technology. Each year, the education industry occupies a greater percentage of the switch and WLAN markets. The construction of brand-new campus network infrastructure as well as the huge demand for PC upgrades provide the best market opportunity for Ruijie’s “Switch+ Wireless+ Cloud Class” product portfolio. Statistics predict that from 2016 to 2021 in the small and medium-sized enterprise market, there will be an additional 3.1 million small and medium-sized enterprise users (47% of them in the Asia Pacific region). These enterprises will become the pillar of the global digital economy and the estimated total IT investment may reach up to USD 4.8 trillion. Thus, the “enterprise-level product+ free cloud service” mode adopted by Ruijie will better meet small and medium-sized enterprises’ demand for asset control right and lightweight management.
At present, Ruijie has established an international product research and development center. Based on sharing the global resources of 5 research & development centers and 3,000 research & development engineers, Ruijie has created the necessary conditions and resource platform that will provide overseas employees and customers with channel technology training. On the other hand, Ruijie has proactively participated in a series of international expos, including GITEX Technology Week, ISAF IT Security Exhibition, SVIAZ Expocomm, Japan IT Week and Singapore CommunicAsia. These moves aim to fully showcase the innovative capabilities and brand image of Chinese enterprises. Based on its channel strategy of providing partners with a value-added program, by taking several measures to expand the international market, Ruijie will be ready to team up with its overseas channel partners to secure better prospects among the global tide of digital transformation.