Recently, at the Ruijie Networks 2018 Partners Conference held in Suzhou, Intel and Ruijie singed a strategic cooperation agreement. This partnership has laid a solid foundation for the two tech-savvy companies to collaborate on building a new environment for Internet of Things (IoT) and create highly competitive industry solutions. 
Joining Forces for Strategic Partnership
According to Alec Gefridges, General Manager of the transactional retail business at Intel’s IoT business unit, Intel owns a large number of leading technologies that require core partners to jointly develop innovative products which can eliminate user pain points and Ruijie is exactly the ideal partner for this pursuit of excellence. In the near future, the two companies will collaboratively explore new markets such as Cloud Class and IoT with the purpose of business integration and innovation to discover more opportunities in the ever changing market. 
After establishing the strategic alliance of Intel and Ruijie, the two companies will create innovative labs and use Intel’s leading core technology to assist Ruijie. Together, they aim to develop scenario-based solutions that are highly competitive and more user-friendly.
A Collaboration to Accelerate the Commercialization of Cloud Class
With the rapid development of IT technology, desktop virtualization technology, one of the hottest topics in the virtualization field, has shown a gradual increase in both user needs and market demand. That attracts more and more desktop virtualization businesses to develop in this area, leading to an even more fierce competition. Ruijie has already commercialized IDV (Intelligent Desktop Virtualization), graphics virtualization, storage and other technologies, and has achieved large-scale application in education, medical care and corporate industries. For three consecutive years, Ruijie has been the first in market share of desktop virtualization in China.
Building upon this basis, Intel will fully cooperate with Ruijie to build a joint innovative lab for the development of multiple cloud desktop technologies, further strengthening solution capabilities and promoting commercial use of leading desktop virtualization technologies in China, enhancing user experience. 
Building a New IoT Environment Hand in Hand
Regarding the support for IoT technology development, Intel’s IoT technology is in a leading position in the world while Ruijie has always been committed to applying technology into industries with scenario-based innovation to steadily promote the development of IoT. 
With Ruijie’s product solutions developing towards IoT, Intel’s strong technical strength and abundant market accumulation will help Ruijie promote IoT and expand its influence and application in various industries, including smart cities, smart retailing and smart manufacturing. This builds a solid foundation to a continuous strategic cooperation between the two companies and a bright future in the development of IoT.