Recently, China Mobile has revealed the assessment result for the tender offer upon its centralized procurement on WLAN devices. Ruijie Networks came out on top and won the full order (from 2018 to 2019). As the leader in data communication solutions in China, Ruijie Networks, with its outstanding innovation capacity and high-standard after-sales services, has held the position as China Mobile's service vendor upon centralized procurement on WLAN devices 4 times straight since being selected in 2010.
According to the website of "Procurement & Tender by China Mobile", this time, China Mobile requires access points (APs) of 3 models and access controllers (ACs) of 2 different models, among which are 114,633 APs (802.11ac) and 232 ACs (802.11ac) for public networks, almost doubling the procurement in 2015. As the sole winning bidder, Ruijie Networks has been highly trusted by China Mobile on the service capabilities and product technologies, while showing Ruijie’s rapid development as the preferred WLAN provider with scenario-based innovation.
Flashback to 2009, China Mobile had just started its WLAN strategy. The large-scale centralized device procurements and construction of basic network platforms gave birth to a unique industrial chain – carrier-grade WLAN. The huge contract value drew dozens of vendors to compete for this "milestone", and with the sharply increasing requirements and the post-evaluation standard by China Mobile, now only 2-3 powerful vendors are capable to win the tenders.
Ruijie Networks has been following China Mobile's WLAN development closely. Since being selected as one of China Mobile's providers of the centralized procurements in 2010, Ruijie has actively participated in and coordinated with the setting of WLAN-related regulations, as well as the interoperability tests and other corporate projects. Ruijie has a deep understanding in China Mobile's planning for WLAN business, and is able to meet China Mobile's needs in WLAN hardware, performance, functions, RF, network management, security, and other areas. Over the past centralized procurements, Ruijie’s test results have always been in the top rank. At the same time, Ruijie provides a dynamic stock mechanism for China Mobile, and has also deployed after-sales teams exclusively for MSC across the country, ensuring the smooth operation of China Mobile's WLAN services. Stocks are immediately available as and when needed and faults can also be responded to and dealt with in the shortest possible time. All of these make Ruijie rank 1st in post-evaluations. 
As of now, the collaboration between Ruijie Networks and China Mobile has been launched in 19 provinces, and Ruijie has become a long-term, stable and reliable partner for China Mobile. Ruijie's technological prowess, product quality, delivery speed, and fast after-sales services in WLAN have provided China Mobile with excellent network backing for its "Connecting All" strategy.