At the Cloud Computing Conference 2017 in Yunqi town, Hangzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province, from 11th to 14th October 2017, Alibaba Group launched the brand-new 25G data center network architecture, which is a major architectural evolution after large-scale deployment of the first-generation 25G network architecture and is expected to bear the full line of business in the future.
▲ The Cloud Computing Conference 2017
As one of the network equipment suppliers of Alibaba Data Center, Ruijie Networks has conducted all-round cooperation with Alibaba Infrastructure Service Group in network architecture to develop entirely new products, covering access, aggregation and core equipment. At the grand event this year, Ruijie was invited to release several new switch products tailored for Alibaba’s network architecture for the first time. These models did not only take a giant leap in performance from the previous generation, providing low-latency transmission of lossless Ethernet based on RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) and hardware-based visualization, but also substantially reduce the single bit cost of the entire network.
▲ Launch of 25G data center network architecture
The newly-launched data center network architecture by the leading global Internet magnate Alibaba, will not only cast itself under spotlight but also leave a far-reaching and lasting imprint on the development of Internet technology and future applications.
Ruijie has a profound grasp of the challenges Alibaba Data Center’s network is facing. On one hand, the network has to provide what the world’s largest transaction and payment platform demands, on the other hand, it has to have scalability and flexibility to satisfy requirements of the rapid development of the cloud computing network.
In consideration of above features and requirements, Ruijie spared no effort to develop the new-generation switch products tailored for Alibaba’s 25G data center network architecture, including 25G access switch RG-S6510-48VS8CQ, 100G access switch RG-S6510-4C, aggregation switch RG-S6520-64CQ and data center switch RG-N18000-X Series.
Since 2016, Ruijie has been devoted to the network construction work of Alibaba Data Center. Products like RG-N18000-X Series, RG-S6500 Series and RG-S6220-H 10 Gigabit Switch Series have already been applied to multiple data center clusters.
(* RG-S6500 Series currently are only available in China.)
In the future, Ruijie will continue to join forces with Alibaba to pursue innovation and pave the way for the development of China’s Internet and cloud computing industry.