(Kuala Lumpur, 16-17 August 2016) Ruijie Networks is the platinum sponsor for the MAPITA Meeting and Public Universities ICT Conference held in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during August 15 to 17,2016.

Public Universities ICT Conference is a bi-annual event that is inspired and realized by the Public University ICT Directors Council (known as MAPITA or Majlis Pengarah-Pengarah ICT IPTA).  MAPITA’s membership is comprised of ICT Directors from all 20 public universities in Malaysia. The council convenes four times a year.

This year, MAPITA was held at University of Malaya, the oldest and most prestigious Malaysian university located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The theme of this conference is “Digital Trends in Universities”; it will broadly cover ICT knowledge sharing among Malaysian Universities, as well as case studies of advanced ICT applications area such as Access Management, ICT-enhanced Learning, Cloud and Network Technologies area such as Software Defined Network, Network Security, Future Internet IPv6, Huge Data Transfer, Internet of Things and Unified Communication.


The theme of Ruijie in this year’s MAPITA was “ Simplistic Campus Networks 2.0”, during the event Ruijie latest Simplistic Campus Networks Solution 2.0 ( also known as SCN 2.0) was introduced by Mr. Steven Ong, Director of global education & technical division, IBD. In the speech, Mr. Steven Ong shared with the audience, how Ruijie latest SCN 2.0 helps ICT officers solve dozens of challenges on today technology trend like, how to:

  • Improve mobile user experience in different scenarios
  • Reduce management workload by simplify the complex networks operation
  • Increase ICT value with better In-Campus services and applications
  • Visualize the entire campus network core infrastructure and key service

In the CIO roundtable session, Ruijie also lead one of the roundtable meeting, during the CIO roundtable, several common issues in mobile internet era have been shared and discussed by the representative of the universities. E.g. Poor wireless coverage, especially hostel; Slow wireless connection; high density user connected to one AP; Mixture type of endpoint connectivity issue; fundamental network related issues and etc.
Ruijie latest campus network solutions were introduced to help resolve these issues and received very positive feedbacks from the attendance.

As the leading education solution provider, Ruijie’s solutions will continue to lead the campus network market with the innovation scenario-based concept.