Recently, the tender result of China Mobile WLAN AP and AC centralized procurement project has been resulted on its procurement and tendering website. Ruijie has once again won a large share of the tender. Since participating in the tendering from 2010, Ruijie has become the only first-tier company in the industry to win 3 consecutive procurement tenders. This result not only reflects China Mobile’s recognition towards Ruijie’s related services and product technology, but also solidifies the China’s no.1 market position according to the previous IDC statistics from another angle, thereby laying a solid foundation for Ruijie’s leading position in China’s WLAN market in 2016.

To further promote WLAN development and unleash the power of network, China Mobile continues to solidify its no.1 AP hotspot coverage position in China via optimization. In 2015, China Mobile’s large-scale WLAN AP/AC equipment procurement project, which has an estimated number of 66,000 APs, has attracted 11 domestic and foreign leading network communications vendors to participate. Under high competition, China Mobile has risen the procurement tender requirement. Up to 61 key aspects were evaluated in the assessment. If the vendor fails to meet any one of them, it will be disqualified from the tendering process. In the end, Ruijie not only passed all the tests, but also won the tender with outstanding test and post-assessment results.

In China Mobile’s WLAN coverage strategic planning, Ruijie has become its most reliable partner. Since participating in the WLAN procurement tendering in 2010, Ruijie has ranked first in China Mobile’s quarterly post-service evaluation in a short time and remained at the top so far. In the 3 WLAN procurement periods, Ruijie had excellent performance in the procurement tests and after-sales services. The product quality and service capability was highly recognized by the China Mobile users. Since the first participation in China Mobile’s WLAN procurement, Ruijie has actively followed up on China Mobile’s business requirements and technology roadmap, continued to improve our services and rise the service standards, so as to solidify our leading position in all the procurement technology and service rankings.

In recent years, Ruijie’s WLAN product line has undergone rapid development with strong research and development strength, outstanding product quality and comprehensive after-sales services. Previously, Ruijie was categorized as the “Others” in the market research of IDC statistics, but we have become the first in China in 2015. While maintaining rapid growth, Ruijie attaches great importance to user experience of the operator, which is our key market. In these few years of jointly developing WLAN with China Mobile, Ruijie is equipped with MSC specialized after-sales service team as well as experienced and professional technical staff to provide specialized services for China Mobile across the country to assist China Mobile’s business development. From China Mobile Group to provincial branches, Ruijie always maintains close collaboration with the client and actively cooperate to promote WLAN-related innovation. Ruijie has played an important role in innovative projects such as internetworking technology research, security of major conferences and train LTE-Fi, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future.