On 18th March, the Ruijie Channel Event 2016 was held in Zhuhai under the theme of “Top the Market with Top Products”. As China’s leading brand of data communication solutions, Ruijie shared how to deliver solutions that help clients to solve their key problems and innovate top products based on clients’ needs. In this customer-oriented and ever-changing Internet era, Ruijie shared in details of how to bring enterprise management back to the basics to achieve a win-win situation for users, enterprises and partners via continuous and in-depth innovation.

Figure 1: Speech by Ruijie’s President Liu Zhong Dong

In 2015, the world economy has faced severe challenges and China’s rapid economic growth has gradually declined. However, Ruijie has still achieved an outstanding performance of 30% growth and ranked 1st in the WLAN market. Ruijie’s outstanding products and solutions have emerged in a growing number of industries, causing widespread attention in the IT industry.

Ruijie’s outstanding performance is not by chance. The key to success is our market strategy --- Innovation for Clients. As Ruijie’s President Liu Zhong Dong has shared in his speech, the greatest achievement of Ruijie in 2015 was to focus on enhancing the product strength. By precisely identifying the most concerned problems and challenges that the users are encountering, Ruijie innovates and design scenario-based products with our R&D resources. With the continuous enhancement of user experience, Ruijie has innovated top network products which continue to impress the market.

There is a famous saying by Laozi in the Daodejing --- “When those who have great insight and perseverance learn about the way, they practice diligently.” Under the concept of “Scenario-based Innovation for Industries”, Ruijie has continued to infiltrate into application scenarios of different industries in recent years. With extensive research and in-depth analysis of users’ application requirements, Ruijie has introduced a wide range of products which best fit the customers’ needs and has been strongly embraced by the market. With continuous rise in ranking of enterprise WLAN market, Ruijie has ranked 1st with a remarkable achievement of 23.3% share. Our IT business management platform RIIL, which offers integrated operation, maintenance and management, has also been widely recognized by users and serves in more than half of the ministries, one third of the e-Government Units, 10% of the top 100 national hospitals as well as over 1500 clients in different industries including education and finance. Ruijie Cloud Classroom Solution is deployed in over 3,000 schools, 5,000 cloud classrooms and 200,000 cloud classroom devices nationwide, with an outstanding share of 75.2% in the respective field. Ruijie’s Simplified Network Solution also ranked 1st in the field of simplified authentication with 41.2% market share.

Ruijie’s President Liu Zhong Dong emphasized in his speech, “In order to develop an enterprise, the first and foremost thing is to improve our products and services. The rest will fall into place. To introduce top products which will be embraced by the market, we have to be familiar with our clients’ deployment scenarios and fully understand their requirements so as to provide innovations and design based on their problems, which is also Ruijie’s fundamental strategic development concept in recent years. In 2016, Ruijie will continue to innovative and enhance our products to provide top solutions while simplifying the existing network technologies with the network simplicity concept. We will put user experience at our highest priority in pursuit of an ultimate and superior experience for the users.”

If the strategy of launching top products gives Ruijie a strong competitive advantage, then strengthening partnerships enables Ruijie to grow by leaps and bounds and expand our business in different industries. With sincere cooperation and mutual benefits of the partnerships, Ruijie has seized new opportunities in dozens of sectors in various industries. By introducing top products, Ruijie has also brought high business growth for our partners.

Figure 2: Speech by Ruijie’s Vice President Liu Hong Yu

Ruijie’s Vice President Liu Hong Yu mentioned in the event, “In this ever-changing Internet era, Ruijie will sincerely cooperate with our partners to discuss and explore how to create a high-vitality end-to-end ecological chain and build a successful win-win business relationship.”

In 2015, Ruijie has organized 3,000 marketing events with our partners. This year, Ruijie will increase 50% of the marketing investment to help our partners further expand the market and build a win-win relationship. Therefore, in order to help the partners to improve their technical skills, Ruijie has introduced a training program to enhance their operational capacity. While cooperating with new partners in different industries, Ruijie will devote more effort to help the core partners to become the most influential regional solution providers in the industry.

Liu Hong Yu mentioned in his speech, “Although many uncertainties exist in the current macro economy, the ‘Internet+’ strategy will continue to provide huge market opportunities for Ruijie. The matured mechanism and enhanced innovation capability will allow Ruijie to launch more competitive products and solutions in 2016. With these top products, Ruijie hopes to assist our partner to further expand the market. By simplifying our cooperation, we can enhance our supply capacity and product quality, thereby forming a stronger collaboration with partners in different industries.

Figure 3: Event Photo

At the end of the channel event, the Partner Award Ceremony 2016 was held to award partners with outstanding performance while encouraging all other partners to create greater values for the customers and succeed together through close collaboration in the coming year.