Recently, the annual Computing Conference (previously known as The Aliyun Worldwide Developer Conference) was jointly hosted by Hangzhou government and Alibaba Group in Yunqi Cloud Town, Hangzhou; the event has been held for five consecutive years. 2015 is shaping up to be the biggest conference yet with over 3,000 cloud enterprises and 15,000 participants, including some of the world's leading cloud service providers,altogether almost 30,000 people worldwide joined the event.

Due to Ruijie’s rich experience in network design and deployment for super-large scale conference, China Telecom, the network service provider for the event, finally choose to cooperate with Ruijie Networks; RG-N18000(Newton)cloud architecture data center core switch series and 400 units of Ruijie APs are deployed to guarantee best user network experience.

Yunxi Conference,Huge Crowds of People

Rujie Networks has dual role in this conference, one role is as the leading cloud computing solutions provider from China, to introduce the integration of cutting-edge cloud computing technology with all walks of life to all the participants; the other role is the WLAN service provider for the conference, this is an opportunity to test Ruijie products performance as well as solution maturity. The latter role, in particular, is a challenging task, because tens of thousands of users will access the wireless network at the same time, although Ruijie has mature experience in technical support to large-scale conference and ultra high density network access, such as “Suning Summer Party” (domestic largest wireless network party), carefully survey in advance and site planning is still very essential.

Yunxi Event Free Wi-Fi

The main venue of the conference this year is located in the International Convention and Exhibition Center, meanwhile in Zone C, the Administrative Committee in zone D, many sub-venues and exhibition halls such as Peng Hui Park, need full wireless network coverage. For example, in order to meet the special requirement of wireless access for tens of thousands of participants, Ruijie deploy and additional 76 sets of Aps in the International Convention and Exhibition Center zone A and zone B to enhance the coverage capacity, in addition, through the field environmental observation and bitmap analysis, outside the main venue area, outdoor rest area, media area, and even the parking lot need to add wireless AP, to form full Wi-Fi coverage.

Yunxi Conference Outdoor AP, to Guarantee Wi-Fi Signal with no “ Dead Zone”

During the earlier field investigations, Ruijie engineers found lots of challenges, especially the Aps, which hanging in the celling of the venue, although the quantity of APs is large, but there existed server signal interference, and this largely degraded network performance, so Ruijie engineers adjusted AP position, set more 2.4G & 2.5G band,and adopted a conventional deployment way:  installed Aps in the bottom of the seat, so that every device can get the best signal when access to the wireless network.

A wireless network for nearly 30,000 users, this is no doubt another extraordinary challenges in the history of WLAN network. Therefore, from the network designing, installation, testing & measurement, network optimization & inspection, and to the network operation and maintenance, each link will affect the final user experience to the WLAN network. After receiving the task, Ruijie adopted the core of wireless intelligent system -- WIS, from the visualized operation and maintenance management, user experience evaluation, signal adjustment and optimization, user terminal type, Internet peak analysis, etc. multiple aspects to ensure that users get the best Wi Fi experience. WIS platform show that in the “super wireless network” Ruijie careful prepared, more than 99% of the users enjoy good signal quality, and the whole network adapted RG-AP520-I and RG-AP630 mixed deployment to accurately predict the stream of users.

Single AP serve 100+ user at the same time with very good user experience

Full coverage of the venue with no dead zone

With the concept of “ scenario-based innovation”, Ruijie’s “super high user density application scenario” solution has been highly accepted by the market, and this is also the reason why China Telecom chose to cooperation Ruijie. Firstly, based on the performance of single unit of RG-AP520-I and RG-AP630, and the actual data analysis of the venue, we can find that all mobile terminal of the participants as well as all applications can enjoy fluent wireless access; secondly, in the aspect of the key technologies of the wireless network security, RF control, mobile access, service quality assurance, seamless roaming, Ruijie networks can use its rich deployment and operation & maintenance experience in high density scenari, to ensure the site user can enjoy the best wireless Internet experience.

It's worth mentioning that, Yunqi conference adopts Ruijie Newton18000 cloud architecture datacenter core switch series as the wired and wireless network unified gateway. At present, the Newton18000 switch series has been applied in more and more high-density access scenarios, which deploys an advanced software architecture design and is one of the world’s leading core switches with the highest specifications. Newton18000 is able to provide 100,000 concurrent terminal authentications at the same time and the super speed of1,000 terminals authentication per second, and it has a powerful Web anti-noise features, and ensure the millisecond push of authentication webpage. Besides, the conference adopts RG-S2910XS-E series and RG-S2710G-P high performance POE switch, providing remote power supply to over 400 units Aps at the conference, all these contribute to a high quality and stable wireless network communication platform for the Yunxi Conference.