Recently, IDC published “China WLAN market quarter tracking report (2015Q1)”. According to the report, Ruijie Networks ranked the 2nd in China enterprise WLAN market. With the concept of “Rooted in industries and penetrate into scenarios ”, Ruijie launched abundant innovative WLAN products, which greatly fit industries application features; and these products are well accepted by customers, these also contribute to Ruijie’s  expand in the WLAN market share. According to current competitive landscape, the distance between the top 3 brands (Cisco, HP and Ruijie) are now narrowing.

The high growing speed of Rujie is particularly dazzling, under the background of global customers and enterprises WLAN market’s growth slowdown in 2015 (the world's growth rate was only 0.6% in the first quarter of 2015 from a year earlier). Compared with the 2014 domestic enterprise WLAN market ranking, Ruijie rises rapidly from 4th to 2nd. The achievement is closely related to the continuous innovative technologies and products, as well as the strategy of precisely focusing on the key applications of WLAN.

Now, WLAN has become one of the crucial tool for information network. The relevant brands and manufacturers are abundant and the competitions are increasingly fierce. If a company want to be successed in the most important enterprise WLAN market, in addition to the excellent products and technologies, more importantly the company needs to approach to the business demands of industries, improve customers’ application experiences, and let the cutting-edge technologies create innovative values to practical application scenarios. Due to grasp these trends, , in recent years, Ruijie has achieved very good result in both products innovation and market expanding, . Aimed at the application segments of different industries, Ruijie’WLAN products have developed many distinctive solutions, such as “ i-Share solution”, “0 Roaming solution”, and “the Connect between Car and Ground”, etc. to solve the problems of poor wireless experience and difficult to support customers business effectively in dormitory, hospital and metro. These strengthened the competitive capability of Ruijie WLAN products.

Facing the future trend of the WLAN market, Ruijie also focus on the Wi-Fi marketing application, which builds stereoscopic big date analysis system, and provide a easy, manageable and excellent Wi-Fi integration solution for business owners. The cloud marketing and big date analysis platform can help to monitor passenger flow volume, entering rate, resident-time, as well as to assess the effectiveness of window advertisings. Combining the latest O2O solutions, Ruijie stands out in commercial Wi-Fi field.

With the further fusion between Internet+ and traditional industries, and the government’s support in IT industries, Ruijie will sure take the lead in the enterprises WLAN market in China.