On 6th February 2015, Ruijie Networks and the State Information Center of China signed a strategic agreement in Fuzhou, enhancing collaboration and communication in the field of e-government extranet. Leveraging respective resources and advantages, both parties will continue to invest research effort in cutting-edge technologies, offer cooperative support, and strengthen cloud lab performance, information security, operation and maintenance. The partnership aims to enhance the extranet performance, proactively explore new solutions, establish intelligent government and improve the deployment of smart city. This agreement marks another milestone in the long-term partnership with a promising vision to improve the e-government extranet deployment quality. The agreement also acts a valuable reference for the national network security strategy, paving a new way for China’s e-government extranet.

Du Ping, Executive Deputy Director of the State Information Center; Yang Shaoliang, Deputy Director of the National e-Government Extranet Management Center; Liu Zhongdong, President of Ruijie Networks; Hu Pengju, Vice President of Ruijie Networks; Liu Funeng, Deputy Manager of Enterprise Network, Ruijie Networks and other valued guests attended the agreement signing ceremony.