On 15th January, the authoritative 9th Chinese Electronic Enterprises Brand Value Ranking announced the results in Kunming. Ruijie’s brand equity has first exceeded 10 billion and increased by 34% to reach 13.213 billion. The growth rate of Ruijie’s brand equity has far surpassed counterparts in the industry and the company has officially entered the threshold of 10-billion top brands.

Ruijie has participated in the Chinese Electronic Enterprises Brand Value Ranking organized by the Chinese Brand Strategy Research Institute, China Electronic Commerce Association and Chinese Brands Website for 8 consecutive years. The ranking is determined by the authoritative electronics business brand equity calculation which is based on 6 major factors of the brands’ influence (enterprise nature, industry nature, leadership, stability, international status and development trend) and brand status (positioning, structure, dissemination and management). A more accurate and scientific brand equity result is arrived via the comprehensive calculation and the annual evaluation result directly reflects the business status of the enterprise throughout the year and related industry trends. Ruijie’s brand equity evaluation result has been soaring since participating in the event. Ruijie’s influence continues to expand in the network communication industry and Ruijie’s brand equity has risen from 2.328 billion to over 10 billion.

Ruijie’s brand equity offers solid backing for the company so that Ruijie can achieve remarkable results among the top 5 companies in 2014. The stable market performance and good reputation of new products are recognized by the industry, public and Chinese Electronic Enterprises Brand Value Ranking Committee. Starnet eVideo was awarded the Most Valuable Electronics Brand in 2014 and the year before while Centerm was awarded the Chinese Cloud Computing Service Provider Innovative Technology Brand with its advantage in the field of cloud computing. Ktvme and Starnet Smart-UC also had outstanding performance and won the Most Valuable App in Digital Entertainment Industry in 2014 and Most Valuable Brand in the Government & Enterprises Unified Communication Industry in 2014 respectively. As the building intercom service provider, Starnet eVideo has also been awarded the Leading Brand of Chinese Intelligent Building System Service Provider for the first time.

With the intensified competition in the mobile Internet industry in 2015, Ruijie sees more opportunities amidst greater challenges. With its innovative brand equity, Ruijie will continue to overcome challenges and make greater achievements.