As one of the earliest established commercial banks in China, China CITIC Bank works with Ruijie Networks, the leading brand of network solutions in the country, to implement a nationwide e-marketing project. Not only has China CITIC Bank become the pioneer of e-marketing because of the successful deployment, but it has also succeeded in resolving problems regarding implementation capacity, signal coverage, delivery time and so on. The success illustrates the innovative strength brought about by both the financial industry’s leader and networking pioneer in China.

E-marketing: China CITIC Bank Becomes a Pioneer Once Again
Founded in 1987, China CITIC Bank has repeatedly broken the records in China’s modern financial history. The bank is the first to offer foreign currency ATMs in China; to implement an all-teller system; to establish an online banking department; to launch online banking and smart TV banking, gaining high reputation within China and around the world. China CITIC Bank now once again takes the lead as the first joint-stock bank to deploy e-marketing in all branches across China.
As Internet finance has become increasingly innovative nowadays, competitions in the era of big data and Internet depend heavily on IT technologies. How to stand out in the vigorous competition has become a challenge faced by the entire banking industry. In response to the vigorous competition, one of the strategic directions of China CITIC Bank is to increase the percentage of retail business. To achieve this strategic objective, China CITIC Bank released a wireless project tender in April 2014, which aimed at deploying wireless networks across all branches in China to support mobile marketing by branch manager and provide better customer services.
In the early stage of the rigorous testing, Ruijie not only ranked first in product performance and functionality, but also provided outstanding services in the delivery and implementation processes. Ruijie completed the project ahead of schedule without compromising service quality.

The Mission Impossible
As ranking first in this project evaluation can be a successful case reference, all participating vendors attached great importance to this tender. Why did other vendors think of it as an impossible mission?
This project covered 42 top branches and over 1,200 branches of China CITIC Bank, which required around 5,000 APs in total. Not only was the implementation of a wider scope, the project implementation period was also very tight. The entire network must be set up within 42 days after the tender result was released. Ruijie took the challenge and completed the wireless project for all branches in China six days ahead of schedule.
Ruijie mobilized professionals from 8 different departments (including supply chain, sales, business, technical services, marketing and management, etc.) to form a project group designated for the deployment. Implementation strategies such as rolling supply chain, progressive implementation and daily reporting ensure the delivery of the 5,000 APs to over 1,200 branches across the country, site inspection, customer training and project implementation to be completed ahead of schedule.
The China CITIC Bank deployment received praise in the industry for the fast implementation. In order to achieve this, Ruijie guaranteed China CITIC Bank smooth project implementation with full support in 5 aspects including product delivery, organization, staff support, training arrangement and pipeline planning. Ruijie had full confidence on the self-developed wireless products. A month prior to the tender invitation, Ruijie had started a high-risk stock preparation process for this project to guarantee sufficient inventory supply in the implementation process. Once the tender result was released, Ruijie immediately set up an implementation team with over 180 top engineers from 37 branches across China. In additional to their rich experiences handling large-scale WLAN projects, their positive work attitude and determination greatly contributed to the success of the project.

Experience Different & Better Services at CITIC Bank
Now, the customers of China CITIC Bank experience different and better services while waiting in line. The highly efficient network enables branch managers to provide more detailed services with higher accuracy and efficiency. They can also use mobile devices to explain to clients the financial products or fill in forms for customers, which effectively saves the processing time at the counter.
Ruijie has provided services for China CITIC Bank since 2012. From application for the head offices to the wireless precision marketing project for all branches, the cooperation of China CITIC Bank and Ruijie has become more in-depth involving various scenarios in these 2 years. Ruijie has won the trust of the client with the high-security products, strong R&D capability, customized solutions, superior supply capacity and professional project implementation teams.
The project leader of China CITIC Bank noted, “In the future, China is bound to be the pioneer to deploy mobile Internet technology in global finance and will certainly be the biggest beneficiary. To achieve this goal, the financial industry requires a more efficient marketing system supported by innovative network equipment. As we share the goal of seeking innovation to meet customers’ needs, the cooperation between China CITIC Bank and Ruijie will be more in-depth, demonstrating the network application values and delivering excellent services for customers.”