Hong Kong, 1 October 2014 - Ruijie Networks (stock code: 002396), a leading network solution supplier of China has authorized and signed a distribution agreement with Leading IT distributor -- DynamiCode. Dynamicode is one of the largest value added IT distribution in Hong Kong. Dynamicode, founded in 2005, is a world leader in strong authentication and secure mobile POS solutions. In 2014, Dynamicode further extend the reach of security solutions, covering technology areas for different part of the business IT infrastructure.

Fizz Leung, Head of Commercial and Channel Management for the International Business Division at Ruijie Networks. Co., Ltd. said:  “Ruijie Networks recognizes the value that DynamiCode brings to table.  We will have access to a wide range of specialist resellers in Hong Kong – the partnership provides greater market penetration in this specialist sector for our complete product range.  We look forward to working with DynamiCode and developing the Hong Kong channel for our product set.”

Commenting on the partnership, Leung said: “We’ve seen the importance in application network platform, which have become essential to a wide range of businesses grappling with challenges in managing and accessing data. By extending our reach with DynamiCode’s help, we aim to reach more businesses that can benefit from our product range.”

Billy Luk, Business Development Manager for the Hong Kong and Macau region at DynamiCode Co., Ltd., said:  “We’re pleased to have signed a partnership agreement with Ruijie Networks to help develop the Hong Kong sales channel for their complete product portfolio. DynamiCode has an enormous amount of channel experience to help Ruijie Networks work with the relevant channel partners in order to reach end-user customers; for SMB and enterprise organizations.”

With the joint effort of both companies, we believe that the partnership will pave the way for both companies to collaborate and reach a boarder set of SMB and enterprise customers.