Client Background
iKang Guobin Healthcare Group, Inc. is one of the largest healthcare groups in China, jointly founded by the iKang Network and Shanghai Guobin Medical Center. iKang Guobin provides medical services including health checks, disease diagnostics and private doctor consultation for millions of customers each year. Serving the community through a network of healthcare centers, an advanced IT technology platform and a strong customer service system, iKang Guobin offers both individuals and organizations comprehensive personalized services such as health checks, diagnostics, medical care, family doctor consultation, chronic disease management, health insurance, etc. iKang Guobin helps customers prevent sub-optimal health symptoms and chronic diseases as well as provides better medical attention to fundamentally improve the overall health and life quality of the people in China. iKang Guobin also delivers third-party health and client relation management solutions for insurance companies and banks.
Client’s Challenges and Requirements
Every day a lot of customers come to iKang Guobin for health checks and waiting in line is a common scene. According to the statistics, the average waiting time for each user is 10 minutes per test. If the customer requires several medical treatments, the waiting time is very long, which results in poor user experience. iKang Guobin hopes to improve user experience and minimize complaints by providing wireless Internet service to users while they are waiting for medical treatments. At the same time, iKang Guobin would like to take this opportunity to collect users’ email addresses for targeted advertising. The problems that iKang Guobin is currently facing can be summarized as follows:
1. Complaints arose as customers feel bored when they are waiting for their turn.
2. Although iKang Guobin has an existing user phone number database, users find it annoying to receive SMS. Therefore, an alternative way of advertising is needed.
3. iKang Guobin would like to provide users with free and convenient Internet access, while guaranteeing security to avoid irregularities such as inappropriate and illegal speech.
Based on the above concerning issues, iKang Guobin proposed the following requirements for this network construction:
1. Wireless Coverage: provide wireless network coverage for the waiting area at each branch
2. Access security:
1. Customers are required to use their own email addresses to create an account.
2. The email addresses need to be verified before granting access to the Internet.
3. Users’ network behavior should be recorded in the logs.
3. Compatibility: The wireless devices provided should be compatible with those of another vendor in this project to achieve the requirements mentioned above.

Benefits Offered
Benefit 1: Email address self-service account creation
1. After the guests have connected to the network, they will be asked to register using their own email addresses. Verification of email address is required after registration to gain access to the network.
2. This design ensures that the registration email is valid in preparation of future advertising campaign.
3. The email address list of users can be exported.
4. For users who register with email addresses they seldom use, a public WeChat account will be given for them to follow iKang’s WeChat, while granting them access to the Internet.
5. This design solves the concerns on Internet security and at the same time collects useful customer contact information for iKang Guobin.

Benefit 2: User Internet behavior analysis
The browsing history of each user is associated with the registered email address, which does not require real-name Internet access. (Clients make some tradeoffs between ease of use and security)
Benefit 3: Compatible with third-party devices to reduce investment
As adaptation of wireless devices from other vendors is required by iKang Guobin, Ruijie proposed to deploy export ACE as the application control gateway. Only slight sacrifice in security can exchange for better compatibility.