Project Background

  • Val Soleil Hotel Da Nang is located on the 186 Tran Phu Street, next to Dragon Bridge-a new generation symbol of Danang City of Vietnam.
  • With 4-star service, the 15-floor hotel has totally 63 guest rooms, the swimming pool, restaurant ( >150 customers), conference room (>150 guests), spa-gym, coffee-bar, which combine Asian and European style.

Customer Challenges

  • User experience could not be guaranteed before with other brand products, especially when it came to the service asking for seamless roaming like voice/video call.
  • There was also a lack of professional tools to do achieve effective wireless optimization.
  • The SI partner had to waste much time and human resources on the maintenance work.

Customer Value

  • Full Wi-Fi coverage with seamless roaming ensurance helps improve users' Wi-Fi experience.
  • After replacement, there is no complaint from visitors/guests about the Wi-Fi quality of the hotel.
  • With the the one-click optimization and monitoring features of WIS (Wireless Intelligent Service), the hotel is able to provide better user experience and reduce the SI partner's workloads for maintenance.

Customer Testimonial

“Ruijie 4D Hospitality Solution is the perfect choice for 4-5 star hotel, ensuring high Wi-Fi quality with suitable investment costs. In the future, I will introduce Ruijie products and solutions to more and more our partners and customers.”

---- Nguyen Quang Linh (CTO of Dang Vinh Company - Network Service Provider of Val Soleil Hotel)