Ruijie RG-AP730-L is specially designed for dense Wi-Fi usage environment like restaurant, hotel reception & conference room, student lecture hall, etc. Up to 768 clients per AP supported by RG-AP730-L, max wireless throughput up to 2,130Mbps, this is take advantage of IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 standard (Wi-Fi 5) and unique Tri-band radio design, with single 2.4G radio and dual 5G radio for client access at concurrent, each radio can effectively load balance the traffic without bring additional interference for the environment.


Designed for High-density Wi-Fi


(Tri-band Design)

Tri-band VS. Dual-band

As the number of Wi-Fi devices increases, the Wi-Fi network features dual-band Wi-Fi technology will become congested. In comparison, by adding an extra band, tri-band Wi-Fi brings faster speeds and more reliable connections.

Overwhelming WLAN Performance

High Density Users Video Streaming Test with 32 & 100 Clients

50 %

better ↑

32 Clients (Lagging Time)*

90 %

better ↑

100 Clients (Lagging Time)*

* Smaller figure indicates better performance

Source: Tolly Test Report, Feb. 2019

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Flexible Hybrid Management

3 different management modes for selection, perfect for your ever changing business needs

  • Standalone

    Simple & Basic connectivity

  • Cloud Management

    Easy & Effective Choice without Provisioning

    Cloud Management
  • Hardware Controller

    High Performance with 3rd Party Integration

    Hardware Controller
  • Hassle-free Authentication

    • PPSK Enterprise Authentication

      New experience feature to manage wireless password for staffs in secure and simple way

    • Captive Portal Authentication

      Integrated Easy Portal for Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Zero Provisioning

    No Software Installation

    4-Step Fast Provisioning by Ruijie Cloud Mobile APP