RG-EG3250 is Ruijie next-generation multi-functional Cloud Managed Security Gateway customized for boutique hotel, corporate office, K12 school, college, etc.

RG-EG3250 built-in enterprise VPN, L7 DPI with smart flow control, WAN load balancing, smart flow control, web authentication, etc.

Taking advantage of integrated Hard Disk Drive (HDD), the EG Security Gateway can provide local storage for Internet activities logging, which is essential for National Internet Security Compliance in many countries.


Perfect for Gigabit Internet
Internet Audit Compliance
Integrated 1TB Storage Providing 6+ Months Audit Log
External Audit Agency Platform
  • Flow Log
  • Authentication
  • Content Audit
L7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Over 43 Types, 120 Applications
    Lifetime FREE Signature Update
  • Flexible Flow Control Policy (4 Class Priority)
Ruijie Cloud Integration
The ONLY Vendor Offering
ENTERPRISE Cloud for SME at Lifetime FREE
Flexible Authentication
  • Campus
    Student ID Portal Login
  • Retail
    Login with Time Limit
  • Hotel
    Voucher Code with
    Time and Rate Limit
  • Office
    Every Staff with One-time
    Unique Password (PPSK)
Mobile App Caching Technology
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