RG-EG2100-P V2 is an All-in-One Smart Access Gateway with PoE switch integration, tailored by Ruijie Networks for commercial chain stores, chain hotels, SOHO offices and other SME scenarios.


Built in Enterprise VPN with stateful firewall, flow control, L7 DPI, and PoE power supply function, RG-EG2100-P V2 can be centrally managed by Ruijie Cloud and Mobile App, and supports portal authentication, unique App cache acceleration and other enterprise-level functions.



Compact | Powerful Gateway
Integrated PoE
Upto 7 PoE+ Out
Max 135W PoE Budget
L7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Over 43 Types, 120 Applications
    Lifetime FREE Signature Update
  • Flexible Flow Control Policy (4 Class Priority)
Ruijie Cloud Integration
The ONLY Vendor Offering
ENTERPRISE Cloud for SME at Lifetime FREE
Flexible Authentication
  • Campus
    Student ID Portal Login
  • Retail
    Login with Time Limit
  • Hotel
    Voucher Code with
    Time and Rate Limit
  • Office
    Every Staff with One-time
    Unique Password (PPSK)
Mobile App Provisioning for Dummy
Set up Your Network in Minutes
Mobile App Caching Technology
Download Mobile Apps in Seconds