• Number of APs Supported

    Virtually unlimited

  • Clients

    Virtually unlimited

  • Authentication Support

    PSK, PPSK, 802.1x, RADIUS, Voucher,One-click, social login, open

  • Guest Portal


  • Management Platform

    Web / Mobile APP

  • AP Discovery and Control

    L3 via CWMP

  • Data Forwarding

    Local Breakout


  • Unified Management for Ruijie APs, Switches and Gateways

  • Dashboard with Google Maps integration

  • Multi-tenant architecture

  • Sub-account group management

  • Multi-level groups supported to manage devices

  • Network overall running status monitoring, including traffic trend, clients number, Top APs, Clients and SSIDs

  • Alarms email notification and different alarm level mapping to different contact group


  • Radio country code, channel and power setting

  • MAX clients number limitation for each radio

  • SSID and mapping VLAN management

  • Built-in and external portal management, including social login, One-click, Voucher login methods, Portal page customization and language configuration

  • WEB and telnet security configuration

  • AP load balancing and roaming setting

  • RRM auto RF planning


  • Switch ports status monitoring, including RX/TX speed and packet each port

  • Switch CPU, Memory, temperature, flash usage and PoE power usage monitoring

  • VLAN management for each port

  • Syslog, SNMP, NTP, DNS, NFPP and IGMP Snooping configuration


  • Gateway online users, sessions and applications monitoring

  • Gateway CPU, Memory and flash usage monitoring

  • Top 10 traffic by applications and clients monitoring

  • Configuration backup and restore

  • Remote access local EWEB configuration supported


  • Logical Network Topology Management

  • Scan to register APs to the Ruijie Cloud

  • Push notifications for alarms

  • Monitor status of total network, AP and clients

  • Create and configure new SSIDs

  • RRM wireless network auto optimization

  • Upgrade device to latest firmware

  • Speed test and signal & security checking

  • IOS and Android App


  • Add Device via QR-Code scanning via Mobile App

  • Bulk device scanning

  • Auto-propose of device firmware version

Flexible authentication options

  • Open, click-through, access code

  • Social networking login (Facebook)

  • PSK, captive portal

Control access to network resources

  • Time-limited and login times control for per client

  • Traffic-limited control for per client

  • Seamless online by MAC address

  • Per WLAN aggregate bandwidth limit

  • Per WLAN and per client bandwidth limit

Additional Specifications

  • Bulk creation of guest credentials (access code)

  • Guest manager (front desk) admin portal

  • MAC caching to allow repeat customers quick access to guest Wi-Fi (seamless auth)

  • What You See What You Get (WYSWYG) built-in captive portal

  • Integration with third-party guest Wi-Fi marketing platforms including WiFiDog

  • Multi-languages captive portal

Multiple employee authentication options

  • Private pre-shared key (PPSK)

  • Traditional PSK (WPA/WPA2)


  • More secure than PSK, PPSK enables easy implementation of unique PSKs for each device

  • Generate PSKs individually or upload in bulk for known devices

  • Bind client MAC automatically or manually

  • Export PPSK list for your records


  • All traffic to and from the cloud can be encrypted

  • Only AP and client management traffic is sent to the cloud

  • Client data traffic stays local (broken out to local LAN and sent through your existing firewall)

  • Ruijie offers EU-located datacenters for European customers

  • Latest security patches are automatically detected

  • Role-based access control is provided for administrative privileges

  • User is able to grant access to partners and Ruijie support (remote assistance)

  • Client isolation is supported for each SSID

  • Advertise only certain APs within a network group

  • View the Ruijie Cloud privacy policy

Flexible report options

  • Traffic per AP, per network group

  • Top 10 Traffic by APs, network groups and SSIDs

  • Mobile Phone brand distribution

  • User experience trend data (tracking on 2.4 and 5G)

  • Unique client reports

  • Voucher created and activated summary report


  • Ability to select RF policies, WLAN types (private, public, sponsored guest), guest access options, QoS and VLANs

  • Flexibility to segment APs within a network into different AP groups

  • Channel and power control per network and per AP

  • Automatic or selectable band balancing (between 2.4 and 5GHz radios on the same AP)

  • Ability to import floor plans to visualize physical location of APs


  • Remotely reboot devices, web-CLI advanced diagnostic

  • Get notifications of network status via email

  • Event logs are sorted by network device

  • Alarms are generated for device status

  • View historical client data to troubleshoot issues that happened in the past


  • Hosted in Singapore and Europe on world-class IAAS provider

  • Stringent physical, data access, data disposal security measures

  • High availability of cluster architecture on cloud hosting

  • Auto choose the hosting region for your service(Singapore or EU)


  • Easy button access to support (Online Skype chatting)

  • 24x7 chat/online ticketing system/phone support

  • AP hardware warranty is covered separately with the AP purchase (refer to AP datasheet)