User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is signed and entered into by and between individuals or organizations (hereinafter referred to as "user", "users" or "you") who register, log in to, use or browse the services and Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. and its affiliate companies (hereinafter referred to as "Ruijie") with regard to Ruijie devices and "Ruijie Cloud" website (, hereinafter referred to as "this website"), "Ruijie Mobile" App ("Ruijie Cloud" website and "Ruijie Mobile" App are collectively referred to as "the Services").

For the purpose of using the Services, Ruijie hereby specially advises users to carefully read, fully understand, and comply with each clause of this Agreement particularly including clauses related to exemption from or limitation of liability, as well as jurisdiction and application of law. Users are recommended to read and determine whether to accept this Agreement at their own discretion. You cannot use the Services offered by Ruijie unless you read and accept all clauses of this Agreement. By registering, logging in to, and using the Services and other operations, you are deemed as having read and agreed to all the stipulations in this Agreement

1. Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Clauses in This Agreement

1. The user can be a legitimate user of the Services only when he/she agrees to all clauses herein and completes the registration procedure. The user acknowledges that as the basis of regulating rights and obligations of both parties, clauses in this Agreement are permanently effective unless otherwise specified to the extent of mandatory provisions in law.

2. By clicking the "Agree" button at the bottom of this Agreement, the user fully accepts this Agreement which becomes a legal document mutually binding on both parties. By doing so, the user is deemed to acknowledge that he/she has the legal rights and capacity to receive the Services hereunder and is able to assume legal liability independently.

3. A user under age (or anyone under the age equivalent to the minimum limitation within the local jurisdiction of the user) shall read and choose to accept and use the Services only in the custody and by the participation of parents or guardians.

4. Ruijie reserves the rights to refuse to offer the Services, close any user account, clear or edit relevant content at its sole discretion to the extent as permitted by law and this Agreement.

2.Rules of Use

1. When using the Services, the user shall commit to and acknowledge the following content:

(1) The user understands and agrees that he/she is fully responsible for the authenticity, legitimacy, and effectiveness of the registration information. A user shall not post any information by way of impersonating others or on behalf of others without authorization; shall not maliciously use the registered account in a way that may misleads others to wrongly identify the user; otherwise, Ruijie has the right to immediately cease offering the Services and the user shall bear any liability incurred thereof.

(2) Users must use the Services in a legal way and shall be liable for any consequences incurred by any behavior conducted under the registered account. Users undertake all risks caused by use of the content including those resulting from reliance on the correctness, integrity, or practicability of the content. Ruijie assumes no liability for any losses or damages incurred by the user himself/herself or by any third party arising from or in connection with the behavior of the user.

(3) After successful registration, account information such as account ID and password of the Services will be generated. The user can change the password and shall properly keep this account ID and password.Log out securely after use. You are fully liable for any possible account theft or password theft due to improper safekeeping, hacking, and other third party conducts. Please immediately log in to to contact Ruijie customer service personnel if you need to cancel the account or find out any illegal use of the Service account or security vulnerabilities.

2. Users understand and acknowledge that:

(1) Information filled in during the registration for account application by a user such as email address, telephone number, company name, country/region, customer type is mainly used to help Ruijie gain the knowledge of customer sources and application scenarios, and understand the use of the Services by the customers in order to provide better products and services. Users agree on the use of the above information by Ruijie. Whenever applicable, information about users is processed in compliance with Ruijie's privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "Ruijie's privacy policy") which is available at "" for your reference. To support more features, the Services may allow users to customize the content on portal page to facilitate the online account registration by customers' using terminals over WiFi networks (including authentication and registration of third-party accounts), advertisement and promotion, or questionnaire survey. Users shall utilize this function in a proper way as required by laws and regulations and Ruijie undertakes no legal liability arising therefrom;

(2) In case of business needs, Ruijie is entitled to unilaterally change, suspend, restrict, and terminate all or part of the Services offered by Ruijie at any time without notice to the user. The relevant data (including data previously acquired) will be immediately deleted. Users understand and agree to bear any inconvenience and risks as may be caused thereby.

(3) The Services offered by Ruijie may contain advertisements and other functions. Users agree on the display of advertisements and other activities provided by Ruijie and its operation partners during use of the Services. Users shall make their own judgment on the authenticity of advertisement information and be responsible for such judgment.Unless otherwise explicitly specified by law, Ruijie assumes no liability for any losses or damages suffered by users due to any transaction made in reliance on such advertisement information or content provided by advertisers as mentioned above

(4) Ruijie has the right to determine at its sole discretion to take proper legal actions to stop according to law transmitting any related content which violates relevant laws and regulations or any conventions of this Agreement; or infringes, impedes or threatens the right or safety of any person; or involves impersonation of others, including but not limited to: deleting any illegal, tortious, or improper content from the Services; terminating the membership of the violator; stopping the violator from using all or part of the Services offered by Ruijie, and retaining related information and reporting to competent authorities in accordance with laws and regulations.

(5) Certain products and services of Ruijie can only be used with connection to the Internet, including but not limited to device binding, device management, and device monitoring. Related charges such as Internet access fees, or communication expenses and message fees charged by third parties shall be solely borne by the user. In case of telecom value-added-services involved, Ruijie recommends the user to confirm charge issues with providers of such services. Whenever applicable, your information is processed in compliance with Ruijie's privacy policy which is incorporated into this Agreement as an integral part hereof.

(6) For business components in the Services,Ruijie reserves the right to terminate functional services of this component upon one month prior notification in case of alteration of local laws and regulations and policies in the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "China"), change of market context, technical update and upgrade, change of partners' development orientation, and adjustment of Ruijie's business direction (including shutdown of corresponding hardware production). Related data (including personal data collected previously) will be deleted immediately and Ruijie is not liable for any losses resulting from the termination of the Services. In such cases, the user is recommended to change to corresponding alternative products after the issuance of notification by Ruijie.

3. Device Management

1. Device management refers to management of users' devices via the Services (including but not limited to: device monitoring, configuration, restart and upgrade, and acquisition of device logs), and active connection of users' devices to the Services platform through the Internet to obtain related services. The user is solely responsible for the Service account registered by him/her and its associated devices. The user will assume the responsibility for the risks of device exceptions and damages of account data due to leakage of the Service account.

2. After binding to the Service account of the user, this device may actively connect over the Internet to the Service platform which can remotely control the device (including but not limited to: actively acquiring basic information of device and reading device configuration). The user understands and agrees on the remote control of the device by the Service platform; the user understands and agrees to take potential risks of virus and hacking when the device is connected to the Internet.

4. Data and Information

By using the Services, you understand and agree that you are collecting data regarding the devices that connect to your network and how your network is being used, including the types of data described below. By means of the hardware, you are then transferring that data to Ruijie for processing and storage, including data that may contain personally identifiable information of your network users (collectively,"customer data". That said, the products include functionality that limits or restricts the types of information collected, and you may certainly make use of that functionality. We process and store customer data exclusively for the purpose of providing the products to you, except to the extent necessary to protect our rights in any dispute with you or as required by law. It is your responsibility to provide notice to, and obtain any necessary consents from, your network users regarding collection, processing, and storage of customer data.

2. Traffic information:

"Traffic information", means information about devices that connect to your network, such as MAC address, device name, device type, operating system, geographic location information, and information transmitted by devices when attempting to access or download data or content (e.g., host names, protocols, port numbers, and IP addresses) via the network. We process and store traffic information on your behalf so you can monitor the use and performance of your network and exercise control (such as network traffic shaping) over the traffic on your network.

3. Account information:

This information mainly refers to information filled in by the user when registering a cloud service account (such as email address, telephone number, company name, country/region, type of customers and so on). This part of content is mainly used by Ruijie to understand the type and distribution of customers in each area to facilitate Ruijie's offering of corresponding service. Moreover, Ruijie sends a notice or alert to the user via the contact channel provided by the user during registration; the information is retained until the cancellation of this account;

4. Social information:

To facilitate the login by of the user's customers who use terminals for network access during authentication, Ruijie may provide the function of login via social media account (e.g., Facebook, Twitter or Gmail). Through connection with third party social application servers, Ruijie may obtain some information (for example, gender, and age group) which may be collected in certain reports to help you roughly understand the distribution of your network users; however, in accordance with regulations like General Data Protection Regulation, Ruijie does not provide personally identifiable information;

5. Terminal registration information:

When the function of the device provides self-registration, some options may be available to allow you to define a registration page and add some fields for input during registration. Ruijie Cloud only provides space for storing this type of data and does not identify specific meaning of the data. The data will be deleted with the account cancellation;

6. Storage period:

Ruijie Cloud stores device logs and some data of terminal users for not more than 90 days mainly for the purpose of providing sources for various reports. After this period, the data will be automatically completely deleted.

7. Storage location:

Ruijie's services are deployed by specific locations. Your personal data and information (hereinafter referred to as "personal data") is generally stored in servers owned or leased by Ruijie located in a certain EU country. In case the personal data needs to be transferred to a third country or international organization outside of EU, Ruijie will proceed strictly in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation and other related regulations. Users agree on the aforementioned business arrangement by Ruijie for personal data.

5. Rights and Obligations of Both Parties

1. The Service account is owned by Ruijie,for security reasons, which may forbid a user from registering the Service account by using another person's mobile phone number and email address. After completing application and registration procedures, the user has the right to use the Service account. The right to use solely belongs to the person who initially applies for the Service account registration and is prohibited from being gifted, lent, leased, transferred, or sold. Ruijie reserves the right to reclaim the Service account due to business needs.2. As between you and Ruijie, Ruijie owns and reserves all rights with respect to the software and all intellectual property rights with respect to the hardware. In addition, you hereby assign to Ruijie all of your interest in any feedback you convey to us related to the products. Ruijie may incorporate modifications into the hosted software, the firmware and the documentation at any time.

3. Users has the right to legally use the Services. After successful application of the account, the user has the right to correct any errors in account information except the account ID and country, download reports from the account, apply to Ruijie for deactivating this account as needed, and delete personal information related to the account.

4. Without permission from Ruijie, users shall not license, sell, lease, transfer, issue the Services (including but not limited to content-related advertisements and sponsorship in contents or products) in any form or for any other business purposes; users shall not use the Services for the purpose of creating equivalent or competitive service; unless otherwise expressly specified in law, users shall not in full or in part copy, publish, reprint, download, display, post, modify, translate, consolidate, utilize, decompose, or decompile the Services in any form or by any method.

5. Users agree to use this website or Ruijie's products, procedures, and the Services via uploading, publishing or other methods. During use, users shall comply with applicable specifications in laws and regulations of China and local areas; otherwise, users will assume all legal responsibilities incurred by risks arising from or in connection with misconduct constituting violation against Chinese or local laws and regulations.

6. Users agree not to commit any of the following acts when using the Services: uploading or releasing computer virus, worms, and malicious code to deliberately damage or change computer system or data software; collecting information or data of other users without authorization such as email addresses; interfering or jeopardizing website servers and network links by disabling network connections of the Services and overloading this website or by other means; attempting to access the website without authorization, interfering with or interrupting normal use of this website or the Services by other users.

7. Ruijie service quality assurance:

Ruijie tries its best efforts to keep the Services running continuously, but no one is perfect. Ruijie cannot always foresee and prevent legal, technical, and other risks including but not limited to service interrupt, loss of data, and other losses and risks arising from force majeure, virus, Trojan, hacking, unstable system, service defects of third parties, government actions, and so on. If service cannot operate normally due to special reasons (for example virus or hacker attack), Ruijie will make best efforts to restore normal services as soon as possible to ensure stable services. Users are welcome to promptly provide feedback concerning any issues to Ruijie for Ruijie to quickly identify such issues. The Service Level Agreement available at is your exclusive remedy with respect to any interruptions in the availability of the service.

6. Liability for Damage

1. Users agree to use the Services inoffensively to keep Ruijie harmless from and against any complaints, litigations, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and charges (including but not limited to attorney fee) from any third parties arising from or in connection with use of the Services in a way that violates this Agreement or other related activities, or causes Ruijie to be a defendant in any litigation with any third party.

2. The user agrees that he/she will not reach a unilateral settlement with the third party against which the user and Ruijie jointly file a suit unless the user gains the written consent from Ruijie.

3. Under no circumstances will Ruijie be liable for any damages of indirect, consequential, disciplinary, contingent, special, or vindictive nature resulted from users or any third parties using this Agreement. Risks of network anomalies, account database damage caused by use of the Services are solely borne by the user himself/herself.

4. When the breach of specification in this clause gives rise to damages of any third party, the user shall independently assume the responsibility. In case of losses incurred against Ruijie, the user shall make compensation hereon.

7. Disclaimer

1. Ruijie assumes no legal liability under any of the following circumstances:

(1) Users' personal information is provided as per provisions of law or as required by competent government authorities;

(2) Any personal information is disclosed due to improper use or other reasons attributable to users themselves;

(3) Users requirements cannot be satisfied due to service interruption or blockage as a result of hacker attacks, infection of computer viruses, shielding against illegal content and harassment information, government regulations as well as other management measures concerning network, technology, communication lines, and information security;

(4) Failure of communication lines of the third party such as the operator, technical issues, network or computer malfunction, unstable system, or other force majeure lead to losses of users;

(5) Use of the Services may bring potential risks incurred by information containing threatening, slandering, or offensive or illegal content sent from other persons in an anonymous or impersonative way;

(6) When interacting with other users through the Services, users suffer any psychological or physical injuries, or economic losses due to misdirection or fraud;

(7) It is expressly stated that no guarantee will be made with regard to the timeliness, security, and accuracy of the Services provided by Ruijie, either explicit or implied or in any other form.

2. No content posted by users on this website represents or reflects any viewpoints or policies of Ruijie. Ruijie assumes no responsibility hereto.

3. Under no circumstances shall Ruijie be held responsible for any damages of indirect, consequential, vindictive, contingent, special, or punitive nature including profit losses suffered by users due to use of Ruijie's service. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the total liability of Ruijie towards a user whatsoever and howsoever arising shall not exceed the fees (if any) paid to Ruijie by the user for using the Services during registration period.

8. Intellectual Property Clause

1. Users shall not release any information on the Services to infringe intellectual property of any third person. Users shall not upload, release, modify, circulate, or copy any materials, trademarks protected by copyright or proprietary information owned by others without prior written consent from the owner of relevant proprietary right. Ruijie will delete content that infringes copyright of others based on investigation if it is properly notified by any copyright owner or its legal representative.

2. All diagram, text, or their components such as UT involved in Ruijie's Services, and other logos, names of products, and service of Ruijie are Ruijie's trademarks. Without Ruijie's prior written consent, users shall not present or use, or make other processing on Ruijie's marks in any form, and no organization or individual shall use, copy, modify, circulate, transcribe any part of this trademark in any form out of any reason, or bundle it with other products for sale.

3. All material information posted on the Service website (such as text, diagram, mark, button icon, image, audio file segment, digital download, data edition, and software) is the property of Ruijie and protected by the copyright law.

4. In addition to the above specification, if a user considers that someone has copied and released the user's works on the Services which constitutes the infringement of the user's copyright, please contact Ruijie in time at, and provide a written notice containing the following information:

(1) Proof of ownership to demonstrate that the user is the owner of the content under alleged copyright infringement;

(2) Explicit identity certificate, address, and contact information;

(3) Location of the content under alleged copyright infringement on the Services;

(4) Description of copyright works allegedly infringed;

(5) Related proof that demonstrates infringement of the copyright of the user;

(6) On the prerequisite of agreeing to bear the consequence of penalty of perjury, issue written statement to clarify that the content in the notice provided by the user is accurate and true.

9. Effectiveness, Modification, and Termination of Agreement

1. Effectiveness of Agreement

This Agreement takes effect from the date when the user accepts registration, and keeps effective during use of the Services by the user until termination as per this Agreement; notwithstanding the foregoing provision, if the user uses the Services earlier than the time he/she accepts this Agreement, the user hereby acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement takes effect from the first time the user uses the Services.

2. Modification of Agreement

(1) Ruijie has the right to modify this Agreement as per change in laws and regulations and as required by its business operation needs. In case of any material alteration in this Agreement, Ruijie will inform users on the bulletin board on this website or in the form of a link displayed on registration interface. The modified Agreement shall take effect and supersede the original one immediately upon posted on this website.

(2) Users are obliged to follow and read the latest Agreement and website announcement. After notice of modification, if the user does not agree to the revised Agreement, he/she may and should immediately stop using the service provided as per this Agreement; continuing using the Services is deemed as that the user understands the alteration of the Agreement and agrees to be bound by the Modified Agreement.

(3) Ruijie reserves the right to modify, retain, or close this website and the Services in any time without notification; users agree that Ruijie is not liable to users or third parties for modifying, retaining, or closing this website, Ruijie's products, programs, or other services of Ruijie.

2. Termination of Agreement

(1) Ruijie may retain users' right of using the Services according to law. Regardless of whether providing or not providing notification, Ruijie may terminate this Agreement in any time out of any reason including believing in good faith that the user violates Ruijie's policy of use or other provisions in this Agreement.

(2) Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if a user infringes the copyright of any third person and Ruijie is notified by the copyright owner or its legal representative of such infringement, Ruijie reserves the right to terminate this Agreement.

(3) Once this Agreement is terminated, the service account and the right of using the Services of the user will be terminated. The user shall be aware that the termination of the Services account means data related to such account will be deleted from the active database of Ruijie. The termination of the account does not mean the device under this account is relieved from management of the Services. The user is responsible for the device under the user's account. The user may apply to Ruijie for terminating device management. Ruijie is not liable to users for termination of this Agreement, including termination of both the Service account and device management under the account.

(4) The future version, update, or other change of the Services is subject to this Agreement.

10. Severability and Integrality

1. Severability

If any clauses in this Agreement are inapplicable due to certain reasons, the other clauses in this Agreement will continue to be effective.


This Agreement (including privacy policy) shall constitute the final, entire, and exclusive agreement between the user and Ruijie with regard to the Services and devices of Ruijie, and shall replace and incorporate any previous discussions and agreements regarding such matters (including previous end user license and service clauses) between the parties. The headings to each section are included for convenience of reference only and do not represent any legal or contractual obligation. Unless agreed in writing by Ruijie,users shall not assign rights and obligations specified in this Agreement. Any attempted assignment in breach of the above provisions shall be null and void.

11. Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

The conclusion, implementation, interpretation, and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the effective laws of PRC mainland (excluding its conflicts of laws). When certain clauses are in contradiction with applicable laws, such clauses shall be completely re-construed according to law while the remaining clauses continue to be effective. Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement or its implementation between both parties shall be settled through friendly negotiation between both parties. If the negotiation fails, both parties agree to initiate legal proceedings to the court having competent jurisdiction in the area where Ruijie has its business registered in Beijing, China.

12. Miscellaneous

1. Feedback

By proposing suggestions (or referred to as "feedback") to Ruijie, the user transfers all rights related to the "feedback" to Ruijie and agrees that Ruijie has the right to use this feedback and its related information in any appropriate way. Ruijie will consider such feedback information as non-confidential and non-exclusive. The user agrees not to provide Ruijie with any information he/she regards as confidential and exclusive. Ruijie is entitled to retain or terminate the user's account and its information.

2. Privacy policy

Please refer to Ruijie's privacy policy at Privacy policy has the same legal effect as and is an integral part of this Agreement.

3. Notices

The user shall provide valid email address frequently and recently used. Ruijie is not responsible for any risks incurred by the fact that Ruijie is unable to deliver notification to the user due to unusable email address provided by the user or any other reason. The announcements and notices issued on the website and the emails containing such notices sent to users shall definitely constitute valid notification to users.

4. Suggestions

Ruijie respects the legal rights of users and consumers, and various rules, statements, and other content published in this Agreement and on this website are all for the purpose of providing better and more convenient Services to users and consumers. Users are encouraged to give comments and suggestions.

Update Time: July 13, 2017