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Ruijie RG-ES Series Switches ES_1.0(1)B1P8 Firmware

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RG-S8600E Series Switch RGOS Release Notes,11.0(4)B4P3 V2.2






RuijieRG-ESW Series Switches Release Notes, ESW_1.0(1)B1P8 (V1.00)



Release Date: Oct 29, 2021






This document includes the following sections:

n   Basic Information

n   Hardware Supported

n   New Features

n   Resolved Issues

n   Related Documentation

n  Upgrade Files

n   Upgrade Tips

Basic Information

Table 1 lists the basic information of the current release.

Table 1 Basic Information of the Current Release

Current Release

ESW_1.0(1)B1P8,Release(08213009) --- ES218GC-P/ES226GC-P

Previous Release

ESW_1.0(1)B1P7,Release(08202417)--- ES218GC-P/ES226GC-P

Applicable Products

RG-ES218GC-P v1.00 and above versions

RG-ES226GC-P v1.00 and above versions


Official Release

Navigate to System Settings > Device Info to viewthe version number.





Release Number Description

Software number M20015609252015 indicates 20:01:56 on September 25,2015.

*      Release number is formatted as AABBCCDD.

      AAindicates year. 01 stands for 2014, 02 for 2015 and so on.

      BBindicates month. 13 stands for January, 14 for February and so on.

      CCindicates date.

      DDindicates time in 24-hour format, e.g., 16 stands for 4pm.

      Takerelease number 02212520 for example. It indicates 8pm on September 25, 2015.


Table 2 shows the hardware supported by the ESW_1.0(1)B1P6.

Table 2 Hardware Models

Hardware Model




v1.00 and above versions

18-Port Gigabit, including two SFP ports, PoE-supported


v1.00 and above versions

26-Port Gigabit, including two SFP ports, PoE-supported


*  For details, see Ruijie RG-ESW Series Switches HardwareInstallation and Reference Guide.


Table 3 shows the new features supported byESW_1.0(1)B1P8.

Table3 New Features

New Feature


RG-ES218GC-P and RG-ES226GC-P devices are imported with a new PSE chip, which can also be supported by the software.

ESW_1.0(1)B1P8 and later


Table 4 Resolved Issues


Bug Description


Loop detection is enabled by default.


n  Ruijie RG-ES Series Switches HardwareInstallation and Reference Guide
This manual introduces the functional and physical features of the RG-ES seriesswitches and provides the installation steps, hardware troubleshooting, moduletechnical specifications, and specifications and usage guidelines for cablesand connectors. 

n   Ruijie RG-ES Series Switches Web-Based Configuration Guide
This manual introduces eWeb and configuration steps.

n   Ruijie RG-ES Series Switches Release Notes, ESW_1.0(1)B1P8

The release notes contains basicinformation, hardware supported, new features, resolves issues, relateddocumentation, upgrade files and upgrade tips.


*  You can obtain the related documents at:

Upgrade Files

Table 5 Upgrade File

Applicable Model

Upgrade File

File Size


RG-ES218GC-P v1.00 and above versions

RG-ES226GC-P v1.00 and above versions



Bin: 875,260 bytes

Tar.gz: 319,723 bytes

Bin: D68C18F0AAC8037D70D352E8C0190F39

Tar.gz: B66FA5829F79A698AB42D52133143B79


The following are some tips for upgrading the RG-ES series switch ESW_1.0(1)B1P8:

n   Use the bin file extracted from the tar.gz file for Web-basedupgrade.

n   Use the tar.gz file for online upgrade.

n   This document only describes Web-based upgrade steps.

n   During the upgrade and downgrade, pay attention to the prompt messages.If failures occur, please save the log and contact us for technical assistance.

n   During the upgrade and downgrade, it is recommended you not poweroff or reset the system, or plug/unplug any module.

After upgrade finishes, wait for 2 minutes and log into Web to checkthe version number. See RG-ES Series Web-based Configuration Guide fordetailed upgrade steps.

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