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Ruijie RG-RCC_V3.7_R1.39 Firmware

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Release Notes


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This document describes the followingcontents for RG-RCC V3.7_R1.39:

l  Version Information: describes the version number, applicable products, applicablecustomers, and release date.
Supported Hardware: describes models and version numbers of supported hardware.

l  Component VersionInformation: describes software and hardwareversion requirements for other products used together with this release.

l  Update Logs: describes functional features that this release supports and theiruse limitations.

l  Upgrade Instructions: describes the upgrade file that this release provides, inheritanceissues after an upgrade, and upgrade procedure.

l  Related Documentation: describes the release notes and product manuals releasedsimultaneously with this release.

l  Technical support: describes technical support that Ruijie Networks provides.

Format Conventions

The symbols that may be found in thisdocument are defined as follows:

*    Caution, warning, and reminding for items to be minded during theoperations.

*    Notes, prompt, and necessary supplement to the operationdescription.



1.1 Basic Information

Current Release.

V3.7_R1.39, Release V1.0


Official release

Applicable Product

Ruijie Cloud Class (RCC)

Applicable Customer


Release Date


*    Note: The About dialog box of the thin client displays twoversion numbers. One is the software version number, and the other is the thinclient operating system (OS) version number. The software version number isupdated with the patch, and the OS version number is updated only if the thinclient ISO file is updated.

*    Caution: The Ruijie Cloud Desktop (RCD) server flash using an ISOfile of this release takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

1.2  HardwareSupported

The following table lists the models andversion numbers of hardware supported by the current release.

Hardware Type




RG-RCD3000 V3

1.0 and later

RG-RCD6000E V3

4.0 and later

Rain terminal

RG-Rain100 V2

1.0 and later

*    Note: The hardware version number only displays one digit after thedecimal point. On the product label, there may have two digits after thedecimal point. The second digit is a random value and does not affect thesoftware version.

1.3  Component Version Information

The RCC software consists of multiplecomponents. The following table describes the version information about themain component in the current release.

Applicable Product


RCD server (all series)

File name: RG-RCDOS_Server_V3.7_R1.39 _INTL.iso

MD5: cd6d648a149e434e8235d9a4ba565ac9

File size: 6,417,537,024 bytes

*    Note: The file applies to all RCD server models and is used for RCD server flash or upgrade using a USB flash drive.

*    Note: Other components, for example, the ARM terminal OTA packageand ClassManager Rainbow (CMR) Teacher client installation package are embeddedin the formal version. After the system is installed, they can be directly usedor downloaded.

1.4  Changes

Existing functions are optimized and newfunctions are added based on the V3.1_R1.P5T21.55 release.

1.4.1     RCD Server Web UI


Revision Type

Change Item





Supported V3 services.

The RG-RCD6000 V3, RG-RCD4500 V3, and RG-RCD3000 V3 servers are supported.




Added drive letter configuration for the teacher shared disk and student shared disk.

By default, the drive letter is T for the teacher shared disk (Teacher Shared Data) and S for the student shared disk (Homework Submission Area).




Supported three new types of RCD servers.

l  The RCD server web UI supports three new types of RCD servers, including RG-RCD6000 V4, RG-RCD6000E V3, and RG-RCD4500 V4. The three types of servers can be managed on the web UI.

The server detailed information page on the RCD server web UI correctly displays the running status of the three new types of servers, including the course partition, data partition, cache disk usage.




Supported a maximum of 30 RCD servers to form a cluster.

l  In standard configuration mode, a single cluster supports a maximum of 30 RCD servers.




Supported accessory change history query.

1.      The change history of three accessories (CPU, memory, and hard disk) can be queried through the RCD server web UI.




Supported single point login between the standard and advanced versions.

2.      A login account is added in the standard and advanced versions for switching between the two versions.




Checked the admin_tool version.

3.      When the web UI calls the admin_tool and finds that the current OS does not install the Admin_tool or the Admin_tool version is earlier than 3.7, the web UI informs users to download the Admin_tool.




Added "Not recommended" for the Real-time backup policy.

4.      "Not recommended" is added for the Real-time backup policy.

5.      "Recommended" is added for the Backup after class policy.




Enhanced data security.

6.      Before data modification or deletion, users will receive a message and are required to enter the password for confirmation.




Detected IP conflicts.

7.      IP conflicts in the RCC environment are detected, and conflict IP addresses are displayed.




Improved the thin client startup speed for a class.

8.      When a single RCD server uses a standard image and is connected to the maximum number of thin clients, the class startup time on the web UI is shorted by over three times.


1.4.2     CMR


Revision Type

Change Item





Added windowed screen broadcast.

Windowed screen broadcast is supported, allowing students to operate at the same time when watching the teacher's demonstration.




Added the brush drawing function.

During screen broadcast, users can draw on the screen.




Added the video space.

Teachers can upload videos to the workspace for students to watch.




Optimized the quiz function.

l  Questions can be recorded on the web page, and question importing using an excel file is deleted.

l  Screenshot-based quiz and oral quiz are supported.

Information about previous quizzes can be viewed.




Added the CMR version applicable to higher vocational education.

l  Users can select the CMR software version (primary and middle school edition or higher vocational education edition) to be deployed.

l  The Send & Receive File function is optimized. Users can send folders, custom a folder for storing received files, and view historical sent files.



1.4.3     Others


Revision Type

Change Item





Rectified vulnerabilities.

9.      The VNC server vulnerabilities are rectified.

10.    The patch for the latest Samba vulnerability is installed.

11.    The unencrypted Telnet server vulnerability is rectified.


1.5 Upgrade Instructions

1.5.1     Upgrade File

The following table describes the upgradefile used to upgrade the RCD server to the current release.




RCD server (all series)

RG-RCDOS_Server_V3.7_R1.39 _INTL.iso

Size: 5.97 GB (6,417,537,024 bytes)

MD5: cd6d648a149e434e8235d9a4ba565ac9

The RCD server can be flashed or upgraded using a USB flash drive or upgraded using an ISO file on the web UI.

1.5.2     Upgrade Process

The following figure shows the upgradeprocess.

This release only supports firmware flashor upgrade using a USB flash drive and does not support firmware upgradethrough an ISO file. The RCD server firmware flash or upgrade takes about 30 to40 minutes.

1.5.3     Upgrade Steps

Step 1: Upgrade the RCD server.

Step 2: Upgrade the CMR Teacher client andadministrator tools.

Step 3: Upgrade the Guest_tool and CMRStudent client.

Step 4: Upgrade RG-Rain100 V2 and RG-Rain200V2 series x86 thin clients.


The detailed procedure is as follows:

æ Step 1: Upgrading the RCD Server

l  Importthe RCD server upgrade ISO file to a USB flash drive and insert the USB flashdrive to the RCD server to upgrade the RCD server.

l  Duringthe upgrade process, do not restart or power off the RCD server to prevent anupgrade failure.

l  Waitfor about 30 to 40 minutes for the RCD server to upgrade. Connect the RCD server to a monitorto view the upgrade process.

l  Afterthe upgrade is completed, log in to the RCD server web UI and click Aboutin the upper right corner to view the version information.


*    Note: The preceding figure is for your reference only. The actualversion number prevails.

*    Note: The RCD server upgrade time is long, and the prompted time maybe inaccurate. To view the detailed upgrade progress, connect the RCD server toa monitor.

æ Step 2: Upgrading the CMR Teacher Client andAdministrator Tools

l  Startthe teacher PC. The CMR automatically detects version upgrade and performs anupgrade. The following figure shows the target CMR version after the upgrade.

*    Note: The preceding figure is for your reference only. The actualversion number prevails.

l  Uninstallprevious administrator tools from the teacher PC, log in to the RCD server webUI, and choose Image. The tool download link is provided in the lowerright corner. Download and install the administrator tools.

*    Note: If the installed anti-virus software prevents softwareupgrade, allow the software upgrade or disable the anti-virus software.

*    If the teacher PC uses a restoration card, disable the restorationfunction and enable it after the upgrade is completed.

æ Step 3: Upgrading the Guest_tool and CMR StudentClient

l  Login to the RCD server web UI and choose Image. Click Edit next toa course image. In the displayed Edit Image Template dialog box, click Saveand Enable. The course image OS is started.

l  Inthe course image OS, the Guest_tool and CMR Student client upgrade pages aredisplayed. Click OK to upgrade them.

l  Afterthe upgrade is completed, disable the course image OS.

æ Step 4: Upgrading RG-Rain100 V2 and RG-Rain200V2 Series x86 Thin Clients

l After the OS is upgraded, the thin client isautomatically upgraded.

l  Afterthe upgrade is completed, click About to view the version information.

*    Note: The preceding figure is for yourreference only. The actual version number prevails.

*    Note: If the converged computing function is not required, upgradethe OS of all x86 thin clients to the Linux OS.

1.6  Related Documentation

l  RG-RCC_V3.7_R1RCDOS User Manual
This manual describes basic RCC components, their routine maintenance,functional features, and installation and configuration methods.

l  RG-ClassManager_Rainbow_V3.7_R1User Manual

This manual describes theCMR software of the RCC.

*    Related documents may be updated at irregular intervals. You canobtain the related documents at

1.7 Technical Support

If you have any problem during versiondownloading or use, contact Ruijie Networks technical support.

l  RuijieNetworks official website:
You can obtain the latest product technical materials, product fault causes andcause analysis, product application solutions, and software upgrade materialsat the official website.

l  RuijieNetworks intelligent customer service:
You can obtain technical support, such as information consulting, remotedebugging and troubleshooting, and software maintenance through online customerservice from 8:30 am to 06:00 pm from Monday to Friday. You do not need todownload a client, and you can capture snapshots and send attachments in realtime.

l  RuijieNetworks remote technical support center:
The Ruijie Networks remote technical support center provides technical supportand solutions for customers in terms of product installation, softwareconfiguration, and other network performance problems.

l  7/24technical support service hotline: 4008-111-000

l Ruijie Networks technical forum:

l  RuijieNetworks technical support and feedback email:


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