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Ruijie RG-EG Implementation Cookbook (V1.0)

2020-02-15 View: 7851

       Product Introduction

1.1       Product Abstract

RG-EG series business assurance gateway (Following will call it RG-EG) is the product that Ruijie research and develop by itself. RG-EG aimed at soloving export problems for small and medium-sized enterprises. RG-EG series product is equiped with advanced software and firmware structure. Not only has efficient NAT forwarding performance as professional export device, but also equiped with flow control, intelligent routing, behavior management, security, WEB authentication, VPN and other function. We don't need to consider using router, firewall or flow control device, only using a RG-EG series product can meet all your requirements.

1.2       Working Mode

EG has 3 working modesGateway mode, bridge mode and bypass mode. Gateway mode and bridge mode are common used. (EG 2100-P don’t have bridge mode)

A. Gateway ModeRegard EG as the export of network and supports the forwarding of NAT and routing.

B. Bridge ModeRegard EG as a bridge, Deploy EG in between intranet core switch and extranet gateway export. Bridge mode is divided into 3 typesForward/Sniffer/Bypass.

FoewardCan realize flow audit, application recognition, application block, flow control.

SnifferCan realize flow audit, application recognition.

bypassPackets can be forwarded without dealing with.

C. Bypass ModeCan only realize application recognition, only receieve packet, not forward.


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