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Ruijie RG-WS6512 Wireless Controller RGOS11.9(2)B2P15 Firmware

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Ruijie RG-WLAN Series Access Controllers RGOS 11.9(2)B2P15



Release Notes




Document Version: V1.0

Date: June 14, 2023

Copyright © 2023 Ruijie Networks




Copyright © 2023 Ruijie Networks

All rights are reserved in this document and this statement.

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This manual is for reference only. Ruijie Networks endeavors to ensure content accuracy and will not shoulder any responsibility for losses and damages caused due to content omissions, inaccuracies or errors.


Intended Audience

This document is intended for:

l  Network engineers

l  Technical support and servicing engineers

l  Network administrators

Technical Support

l  Ruijie Networks website:

l  Technical support website:

l  Case portal:

l  Community:

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l  Live chat:


1.      Conversions



Bold font

Commands, command options, and keywords are in bold font.

Italic font

Arguments for which you supply values are in italic font.

[ ]

Elements in square brackets are optional.

{ x | y | z }

Alternative keywords are grouped in braces and separated by vertical bars.

[ x | y | z ]

Optional alternative keywords are grouped in brackets and separated by vertical bars.


The argument before the sign (&) can be input for consecutive 1- n times.


Double slashes at the beginning of a line of code indicate a comment line.


1.      Signs

The signs used in this document are described as follows:



*    Warning

An alert that calls attention to important rules and information that if not understood or followed can result in data loss or equipment damage.


*    Caution

An alert that calls attention to essential information that if not understood or followed can result in function failure or performance degradation.


*    Note

An alert that contains additional or supplementary information that if not understood or followed will not lead to serious consequences.


*    Specification

An alert that contains a description of product or version support.


1.      Note

The information introduced in this document (version, description, port and GUI) is for reference only, the detailed information is based on currently used version.

1 Version Information

Version Number


Version Type

Official version

Applicable Products

Access controllers:

WS6816 series: RG-WS6816

WS6512 series: RG-WS6512

Applicable Clients


Release Type

Official release

Release Date

June 14, 2023

Based Version Number

AC_RGOS11.9(2)B2P11, Release(08232215)


Fix recent bugs reported by the market department.


1.1   Revision History


2 Resolved Issues

Issue ID


QC 58487

A user fails to log in to the Web GUI of an AC by using the username and password.

QC 56822

A vulnerability occurs when an employee of a customer logs in to the Web GUI of an AC.


After active/standby switchover in a VAC, the slave AC is upgraded first and then the master AC is upgraded. When the master AC is restarted during the upgrade, the slave AC is also restarted. After both ACs are restarted and form a VAC, the web.gz file on the master AC is not updated. Users cannot log in to the Web GUI of the VAC.


When an old AP experiences roaming stickiness, it reports an ACTION packet, which is identified as a management packet by the AC. The reported ACTION packet reduces the STA concurrency. The packet needs to be discarded due to rate limit of the MGMT module. In addition, the fast association function needs to be enabled by default.


The market department reports that WS6008 reports an ECC error.

QC 58788

An AC crashes and then restarts.

QC 66407

An error occurs when clicking Save to configure the radio on the AP880-AR.

QC 59877

Some client devices fail to access the network after obtaining IP addresses.

QC 64198

Some usernames cannot be queried on the web.

QC 59763

The AC sends the RADIUS packets continuously, using up SMP license resources. New users fail to log in.

QC 66333

Some AP models are not displayed on the web of VACs.

QC 60165

Fail to deliver configuration through the web of the AC.

QC 64616

NTP synchronization fails on the AC.

QC 61906

The free URL is not active due to version replacement.

QC 61097

Some configuration delivered from the AC to the AM series master access point is missing.

QC 63814

An SSH DHA algorithm security loophole is found.

QC 60165

If the client device uses the hostname of the computer for 802.1X authentication, no popup appears.


After interconnection with the eLog server, wlan-log.txt will continue to print endpoint interconnection logs, overwriting other debugging information.


4 Supported Platforms

1.2   Hardware Platform


Hardware Version Number




Eight combo ports, four 10GE SFP+ ports, Expansion to 16 combo ports or eight 10GE SFP+ ports


V1.xx, V2.xx

Eight combo ports, four 10GE optical ports



5 Upgrade Instructions

1.3   Upgrade Files

1.1.1  WS6816 Series

Upgrade File



Installation package

File Size

56,955,780 bytes

Applicable Products

RG-WS6816 V1.xx

MD5 Checksum


Software Version

AC_RGOS11.9(2)B2P15, Release(10152021)


1.1.2  WS6512 Series

Upgrade File



Installation package

File Size

112,467,997 bytes

Applicable Products

RG-WS6512 V1.x/V2.0

MD5 Checksum


Software Version

AC_RGOS11.9(2)B2P15, Release(10152020)


1.4   Requirements


1.5   Precautions

l  Upgrade can only be performed on site after a successful verification in the experimental environment.

l  Please back up the database of the customer before upgrading the device.

l  Please do not power off the device, reset the system or remove any modules if a failure prompt appears.

l  During the upgrade and downgrade, pay attention to the prompt messages. If failures occur, please save the log and contact us for technical assistance.

l  Run the show version detail command to check the version number after the upgrade or downgrade.


6 Related Documentation

*    Note

The related documents are subject to change or update without prior notification. For details, please log in to the official website of Ruijie Network:


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