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RG-S6220 Series Switch DC Power Module Quick Installation Guide V1.00

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RG-S6220 Series Power Module Installation Guide






RG-S6220 Series Switch DC Power Module

Quick Installation Guide V1.00

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Thank you for using our products. This manual will guide you through the installation of the switch.



It is intended for the users who have some experience in installing and maintaining network hardware. At the same time, it is assumed that the users are already familiar with the related terms and concepts.


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      RG-S6220 Series Switch DC Power Module Quick Installation Guide

*     RG-S6220 series switches support hot-swapping of the DC power module. Please disconnect the power cords before installing or removing the power module. Do not touch any exposed wire, terminal and dangerous voltage flag part on the product for avoidances of personal injury.

1.1     Preparation Tools

l  Anti-static gloves

l  A screwdriver

1.2     Installing the Power Module

Figure 1-1 Inserting the Power Module

Figure 1-2 Connecting the Chassis DC Power Strip

Step 1: Wear anti-static gloves. Take the new DC power module and power cords out of the package.

Step 2: Take the panel printed with module information as the top of the power module. Hold the handle of the power module with one hand, and hold the bottom of the power module with the other hand. Insert it into the chassis along the guide rail uprightly and slowly until a click is heard, and make sure that it is in good contact with the power slot. Remove the cover from the DC power cable terminal block on the right back of the power module. Loosen the screws, connect one end of the Green-Yellow, Blue, and Brown power cords to the power connectors from left to right, and then tighten the screws to secure them, as shown in Figure1-1.

Step 3: Connect the other end of the power cords to the chassis DC power strip with Blue to -48VDC, Brown to -48VGND, and Green-Yellow to PGND, as shown in Figure1-2.

*     Insert the power module smoothly. Please pay attention to the direction of the power panel to avoid wrong insertion. If the position is not proper, withdraw the inserted module and re-insert it.

1.3     Removing the Power Module

Figure 1-3 Removing the Power Module

Step 1: Wear anti-static gloves. Loosen the screws by using the screwdriver, take off the power cords and then tighten the screws.

Step 2: Press the plug of the power module and hold on to the module handle with one hand to pull it out slightly, as shown in Figure1-3.

Step 3: Put the power module and power cords into its package.

*     Remove the power module uprightly and slowly. Install a blank panel in the location where the power module is removed to ensure the normal ventilation and heat dissipation and avoid the dust in the chassis.
For details about the power module installation and the product features, see RG-S6220 Series Switch Hardware Installation and Reference Guide.