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SNC Implementation Cookbook V1.0

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      Daily Maintenance

Before getting started, verify that you install MySQL and RG-SNC, then start SNC Service correctly.

For Database and SNC installation, see RG-SNC Installation Guide and RG-SNC Database Installation and Maintenance Guide

1.1     Login Web UI

When you complete SNC installation and start SNC service successfully, visit SNC web UI at http://Server IP:8088/snc , the default Username is “admin” and password is “admin


Note: Use IE 8.0 and above version in compatibility mode. Firefox and chrome may have compatible issues.

It is recommended to change log sessions when login. Click System---àCurrent Control to change maximum number of concurrent sessions


In the middle of the window, it is Current Control




1.2     Check SNC Version

Click Help-->About in the up right corner, you can view version information.


Pop up information as shown.


1.3     Service Manager

In this section, you will learn how to manage service.

Remote access to the SNC server and click the shortcut or you can access from URLhttp://SNC IP: 8989/ssm as well. Both username and password are "admin".


View database status, web service status and server information as shown.


View Server disk usageNeed install flash plugin

View Server NICNeed install flash plug-in

Click “Web Service Settings ” to view web service configuration of HTTP, HTTPS access port. Not recommend to change.

1.4     Database Management

Click “Integrated tool” to set databases.

1)      Database configuration restore

Instant backup, means backup manually

Backup success


2)      You can download or delete the database.


3)      You can upload the database, which is backed up by service manager.


4)      You can restore the database. Please note the SNC service will be stopped during the restore process.


5)      Setting parameters. Maximum backup times

Setting scheduled backup


6)      Collect log for trouble shooting. Zip file will be created after you click "Search" Button.


7)      As to authorization, please refer to the authorization guide for details.

8)      Backup database with the following operation steps:

1.      Log on the SNC server, stop the SNC application service and WEB service;

2.      Lon on the SNC server, click "start - run - services.msc" to open the service management interface, then stop the MySQL-SNC service;

3.      After stop service, wait for about 5 minutes for the starting of database backup operation;

4.      Backup the “database” directory under SNC installation directory.


Database recovery with the following operation steps:

1.      Make sure SNC service is stopped.

2.      Replace the current “database” directory with the whole previous backed up “database” directory.



Regular backups of the database so that you can avoid the problem when the system is unable to recover due to the cause of damage. Database should not be backed up at the SNC server itself. It is recommended to back up the SNC server every two weeks. If there are changes on SNC, it is recommended to backup immediately.


1.5     SNC License Authorization

1.      RG-SNC software relies on USB encryption dog to activate license authorization. When software startup, the system will check whether there is a USB dongle on the server, if the dongle does not exist, the software will automatically stop. As to file authorization scenario, if the license file not registered successfully, the WEB service will be stopped.

2.      RG-SNC features need different license authorizations to activate. Or, the corresponding feature will not be visible.

3.      During RG-SNC dongle grace period, there is no limit on the quantity and features.

4.      After version 2.28b1p5, the rest of pro license can be shared with AP. But the PC will not be displayed when the total of terminals and AP exceed 1000.

5.      As to file authorization, please refer to file authorization guide for details.


Click Help-àAbout,  in the top right on SNC WEB UI to display version and license information.

1.6     Administrator and Role Management

Login SNC with admin ID.  Click System-->Change password.  


You can restore Admin password if forget it. Details as below.