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S86E Implementation Cookbook V1.1

2017-02-01 View: 15727

Highlight Functions

3.1       Highlight Service Functions

Function: Switch port trunk allowed VLAN only x-x

Original problem: By default, a port of our switch allows transmission of data for all VLANs after being configured as a trunk port. Therefore, frontline engineers have to configure a command to remove all VLANs before project implementation. This increases the workload and may easily cause the loop problem.

Implementation: This function allows transmission of data for only specified VLANs. Therefore, VLAN removal is not required before project implementation.


3.2       Highlight Management Function

Function: show this

Original problem: A live network has many configurations. Frontline engineers have to use show run or show run included/begin to view the configurations of ports or in the OSPF view. This is inconvenient.

Implementation: This function allows engineers in a view to query the configuration commands for the view directly.


Function: A version upgrade file name is not limited and show upgrade history can be used to view the upgrade history.

Original problem: The 10.X version upgrade file must be renamedrgos.bin and the version upgrade history is inaccessible.

Implementation: An version upgrade file can have any name. This facilitates frontline planning. A command is provided for viewing the upgrade history.


Function: debug syslog limit command

Original problem: After the debug function of a device is enabled, debug log generation may affect the device. In some cases, it results in a device fault.

Implementation: Before the debug function is enabled, the command debug syslog limit time seconds numbers numbers can be run to limit the printing time and content of debug logs.

Function: one-key fault information collection

Original problem: To locate a problem that occurs in a product developed a long time ago, engineers must collect information two to three times and on-site engineers have to repeatedly trigger the problem. This is not allowed on a live network.

Implementation: The version 11.x supports one-key fault information collection. A single command is used to collect all related device operation information, including feature-related table entries and underlying component information. The following shows how it is implemented.

In the debug support view:

The tech-support package saves all operation information from the engine and line card to a file. By default, the file is stored in a USB flash drive. If no USB flash drive is available, the file is stored in the flash or tmp directory. (Recommended)

The tech-support console prints engine operation-related information on the console.