Why 802.11ax
Increase the average speed per user to 4 times that of 802.11ac in high-density deployment and access environments





  • Support higher
    terminal density

  • Faster wireless
    transmission rate

  • More powerful RF
    anti-interference feature

802.11ax Core Technologies

    Support higher terminal density

  • 1024QAM

    Higher modulation rate

  • Spatial Multiplexing

    Higher channel utilization


    More comprehensive multi-user concurrent transmission protocol

  • TWT Power Saving Technology

    More precise wake-up time management

Ruijie’s Exclusive Pre-ax Technology Leading the 802.11ax Era
  • Spatial Multiplexing with AC

    DCCA for noise control

    DTPC for active noise reduction

    Collaborative cross networks

  • QMF Mangement Frames

    DFS algorithm

    Improve the user experience of low-latency services by 3 times

  • AI Learning via Big Data

    Wireless experience data of 2 million APs

    Over 100 million test results data of 500,000 MOHO users

RG-AP860-I, the “USS Enterprise” of 802.11ax Era
  • Tri-radio design, high-density access, experience improved by over 50%

  • 10 spatial streams per AP and dual-10G wired and wireless networks leading Wi-Fi to the 10G era

  • Software-defined Networking for IoT, flexible configurations, on-demand expansion, IoE with unlimited possibilities