Increasingly Difficult Situation
Faced By SME

Security is vulnerable due to limited resources and trade-off for
working efficiency, while enterprise-grade products have never
been considered because of its expensiveness and complication.

Embracing Ruijie’s Cloud
Technology Service

SME now can also enjoy enterprise-grade security
and networking solutions at affordable cost.

Prevention from Password Leakage by Staff

  • Every Staff with One-time Unique Password
  • Immediate Offline Once Account Deleted
  • Ease of Use
  • Out-of-box Feature
Guest Wi-Fi Is Essential But Dangerous

Guest Wi-Fi Control

Flexible Access Policies

  • Device Limit
  • Time Period
  • Data Quota
Ruijie Networks

Guest Wi-Fi Isolation


Be Your First-Line of Defense

Patented technology by Ruijie, proven to be effective on
minimizing network-level DDoS attack

Proven HD Video Application

Ruijie RG-AP720-L
Wave2 high-performance access point, guarantee for over 30+ users for HD video streaming @ 4Mbps
100% CLOUD
1 2

Application Diagram