Economic Hotel Network Solution
Affordable 5-Star Wi-Fi

Economic Hotel Network Solution

Economic Hotel Network Video
Economic Hotel Network Solution

Full wireless coverage

Smart flow control
Better experience for every customer

Rapid network deployment
Speed up business

Product Recommendations
  • Outdoor Scenario

  • Meeting Room

  • Restaurant


  • Guest Room

Product RG-EAP602 > RG-RAP2200(E) > RG-RAP2200(F) > RG-RAP1200(P) > RG-RAP1200(F) >
Interface 2GE Ports 2GE Ports 2FE Ports Front:4 GE LAN
(LAN 1 PoE Out )
Rear:1 GE Uplink
Front:1 FE port
Rear:1 FE port
Recommended users 80 80 48 80 24
Product Interface Recommended users
RG-EAP602 > 2GE Ports 80
RG-RAP2200(E) > 2GE Ports 80
RG-RAP2200(F) > 2FE Ports 48
RG-RAP1200(P) > Front:4 GE LAN
(LAN 1 PoE Out )
Rear:1 GE Uplink
RG-RAP1200(F) > Front:1 FE port
Rear:1 FE port


Layer 3 Roaming




Typical Solution Topology
Solution Benefits for hospitality

Full wireless coverage

High-speed Wi-Fi of up to 1.267Gbps .

Scenario-based AP included indoor/ outdoor/Wall-AP.

Full wireless coverage

One-click to open the Smart Flow Control feature.

Better experience for every customer with each customer has fixed bandwidth.

Full wireless coverage

Non-stop business continuity via Self-Organizing Network and Cloud technology

Solution Benefits for SIs

Rapid deliver projects with Self-Organizing Network

Easy central manage all network devices and monitor network

Fault Alarm on Ruijie cloud App immediately. Remotely and quickly troubleshoot via Ruijie Cloud App

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