SCN – Ubiquitous Wireless Solution

Top 4 Challenges of Campus Wireless Network

  • Building Structure

  • User Density

  • Interior Furnishing

  • No Coverage

  • Dormitory
  • Office,
    Conference Hall
  • Guest Room, Staff Residence, Executive Office
  • Outdoor
  • High Density Room Zone
    High Interference
    Thick Wall, Weak In Room Signal
    2-4 Users per Room
    Problem:Cannot Connect
  • Open Space
    High User Density, High Mobility Inconsistent Signal
    Inadequate Performance
    Problem:Cannot Use
  • Fully Furnished, No Cabling
    Distributed Layout, Weak Signal
    Bad Wireless Connection
    Problem:Cannot Connect
  • Large Outdoor Area
    Harsh Environment
    Complex Installation
    Not Enough Wireless Coverage
    Problem:No Signal


i-Share v2.0

AP installed in corridor while antennas are deployed in the room directly

Full in room signal coverage, 1 AP for 8 room
No interference, high performance
Easy installation and painless maintenance

Conference Hall, Cafeteria, Library, Office

X - Sense AP

X-Sense plus antenna, Wi-Fi signal follows the moving smart device. Auto signal compensation

1 AP supports up to 200 concurrent users
Installation method will not affect signal quality
Moving device still get the best signal

Executive Office, Guest Room,
Staff Residence

Wall AP

Standarded 86-type faceplate size with rich interface varieties

Easy to install
Simple maintenance and upgrade
RG-AP120-W Wall Access Point >>

Outdoor Area (Sports Field, Surveillance Spot)

Outdoor AP

Support wireless bridge, all-in-one with lightning arrester, antenna and cable

PoE downlink port for IP camera
Cover larger area without any additional cabling
Easy to install and maintain
RG-AP630 Outdoor 802.11ac Wireless Access Point >>

Higher Performance
802.11ac-supported products available in all wireless series

Case Studies
  • Nankai
  • Shanghai
  • Xinyang Normal
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