SCN – Simplified Operation Solution

Top 3 Challenges of Campus Network Operation

  • Large Resources Investment

  • Low Operation Efficiency

  • Limited Solution Option

  • Large-scale Access Network
  • Complicated Operation Management
  • Open & Compatibility
  • Traditional network deploy policies on large number of access network switches
    Large amount of resources investment (fund, manpower, and energy) are required
  • Products with different technologies and user policies are implemented caused complexity of network architecture and operational management.
  • Proprietary products and technologies will cause
    brand lock-in and compatibility issues
    which impact brand openness and
    cost saving policy.

Centralized Operation

ONE Network-ONE Strong Core:
  • Unified campus core
  • Unified authentication gateway
  • Unified security policy management
  • Future proof capacity with 90-100K dual-stack devices
  • Fast 1200c/s authentication performance
  • Simplified campus network architecture
Light Access:
  • Simple deployment and less resource required for complex network
  • Investment protection with only VLAN enabled access switch

High Productivity

ONE Network, ONE Authentication Platform:
  • Unified identity authentication for wired and wireless network
  • Flexible & featured rich authentication policy
  • Real-time online user distribution map
  • Open standard, multi-vendor support
Fast seamless management
Easy guest access with QR code
User self-service management
Detailed log and rich report feature

Free to Choose

Proven Solutions
  • No.1 market share in China higher education
  • 800+ higher education customers
  • 10 millions users
Unified authentication platform, work with multiple-vendor
No vendor lock-in, provide open brand selection
Compatible with mainstream vendors

Software for Policy, Hardware for Execution

  • N18K
    Unified Authentication Gateway
  • SAM
    Unified Authentication Platform



Staff Residence

Flexible Authentication Policy (e.g. 802.1x, Web, Location Based)
Case Studies
  • Huazhong University
    of Science and
  • Ningxia
  • Central South University
    of Forestry and
Ruijie Networks