SCN – Fast Internet Solution

Top 3 Challenges of Campus Internet

  • High Bandwidth Cost

  • Limited Bandwidth

  • Mobile Internet Growth

  • Bandwidth
  • User Experience
  • Cooperation
  • The exponential growth of Mobile Internet user caused internet congestion in the campus
    Difficult to get more bandwidth due to high bandwidth cost charged by ISP
  • Technology limitation (eg. High performance NAT, route load balance, etc.) caused delay and congestion with slow internet access
    Lack of solution for cost effective contents acceleration and internet optimization caused poor user experience
  • Several service provider cooperate with campus to provide bandwidth links through win-win model

Improvement on Internet Efficiency

High performance NAT support upto 100,000 concurrent users and maximize the Internet efficiencyEnd-to-end flow control and route load balance integration features with unified authentication platform

Future Proofing

10-year investment protection with flexible selection of 1/10G expansion options


Cost Saving on
Expensive Bandwidth

Localizes popular Internet contents with
millisecond(ms) high speed download experience
‘PowerCache Cloud’ enable better Internet experience by multiple PowerCache sharing among universities
Case Studies
  • JiMei University
  • Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Xiangtan University
Ruijie Networks