Project Background

Velco Asia Management Corporation is a Philippine enterprise consisting of 15 member companies with over 350 regular employees and over 7,000 project-based employment. The member companies are recognized industry leaders in their specialized field of businesses, including Energies Supply (Coal, Silica & Other Minerals), Supply chain (Shipping Corporation), Hospitality / Condominiums, Property Management & Shared Services.

Project Challenges

They planned to rebuild the network infrastructure to expanse current business and service. Thus, client requested L3 switch running OSPF. Their existing switches from vendor U only supported L2 function.  After acquiring the P/O by 2 x RG-S2928G-E V3 switches for Phase 1, they decided to purchase more for other groups of Velco Asia.

Their IT department used to prefer products from vendor C, but this year they would like to optimize the budget, and look for a more innovative solution. Products from vendor H has been tested, but their configuration were very different from that of vendor C, and products from vendor T cannot meet the requirements of their L3 switch network requirement. Ruijie local team did a presentation and got the opportunity of POC, and then all the requirements could be filled.

Customer Benefit

After replacement, Velco’s customers visit stores much more frequently, since the full Wi-Fi signal is much better than before.

The previous network technology is not very powerful, but Ruijie Cloud provides easier implementation and management.

Thanks to rich retail software features of Ruijie Cloud, Prince Retail can provide seamless roaming and sell vouchers.

Velco Asia companies can also redirect to their Facebook page, where they put a lot of promotional material to attract their clients.

Customer Testimonial

“Ruijie L3 switch provides us a stable network. After several weeks of testing and monitoring, we are satisfied with these devices, and hope that we can develop a long-term relationship in the future.”

---- Ryan D. Broqueza Group IT Manager of Velco Asia Cooperation