Customer background
  • Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics (CTIN) is the leading company operating in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, and automation solution for smart buildings.
  • CTIN is the first enterprise to develope projects of mobile networks in Vietnam.
  • The company is ranked in SI TOP by Cisco, currently is Gold Partner of Cisco.
Customer Challenges
  • CTIN using Cisco 2700 & 3700 AP Series: the performance is not good, the wifi speed is slow when lots of concurrent users; some users can not login. 
  • Hard to configure, even bandwidth limiting takes a lot of effort to do.
  • Little optimization, Cisco RRM worked not well.
Customer Benefit
  • Ruijie Cloud solution with Enterprise level AP products improve CTIN office's Wifi quality to new level, enhance user experience with good signal, seamless roaming and stable connection. 
  • Free Ruijie Cloud Platform with Mobile APP is  simple & convenient for management at anytime, anywhere. 
  • Open API helps CTIN to integrate with 3rd Wifi Marketing Platform.
Customer Testimonial
Ruijie APs have better performance, compared to Cisco. Rich features help to solve most of customer requirements. Beside that, our software team can integrate Wi-Fi Marketing with Ruijie Cloud via 3rd API. 
             ---- Nguyen Van Phuoc (Solution Engineer of System Integrated Department)