“Ruijie Wi-Fi service helps improve our hotel reputation a lot and there are less complaints from guests than before.”

——Mr. Ganjar Saepudin (IT Manager of G.H. Universal Hotel Bandung)

G.H. Universal Hotel is a luxury European style five-star hotel with 105 rooms located in north of Bandung City. The hotel once won Guest Review Award of booking.com 2018 with 8.1 from 10 and the top 5 Indonesia Travelers Choice Award 2019 under the category of best hotel for families.

Even for a 5- star hotel like G.H. Universal, the high complaint rate of guest Wi-Fi is a major headache. The luxurious European decoration can be regarded as an attractive design advantage, but also brought thick wall problem for Wi-Fi coverage, which resulted in reduced signal strength inside the rooms.  The hotel IT manager find many famous brands to solve this problem, but many failed in PoC stage. Then they adopted one of Ruijie products, RG-AP130(L) in each room and some meeting rooms. The APs are managed by Ruijie Cloud, thus binging very good signal coverage.

Watch video for the detailed case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpcr_Al1cXc&t=3s