Project Background
  • Club Boran Mare Beach is a 5-star resort located in Antalya, Türkiye. As for the network issue, there were many wireless APs and switches in the network, making it especially difficult to manage all devices in real time. The resort also faced the high cost problem. Thus, it decided to build a high-speed and stable Wi-Fi network to get the user experience greatly improved. 
  • The main devices used by the resort are Ruijie RG-AP130(L), RG-AP520(W2) and RG-AP740-I wireless access points and XS-S1960 series PoE switch.
  • There is an IPTV and IP phone in each room. Ruijie Wall AP RG-AP130(L) can provide wireless coverage for two room, and supply IPTV and IP phone of two rooms with 4 LAN Ports.
  • Ruijie Cloud provides a real plug and play wireless solution. And dummy provisioning can be achieved with Ruijie Cloud Mobile App.
Customer Value
  • Ruijie Cloud solution offers an innovative breakthrough, allowing device operation and management from smartphones at fingertips. Now the resort can monitor its Wi-Fi user experience, traffic and client analysis anytime and anywhere. The solution helps IT managers grasp the real-time status of the Wi-Fi network.