Nowadays, more and more schools have adopted high-definition video and online courses for education. Smart classrooms, interactive teaching and MOOC have been gradually emerging. Equipment such as electronic large screens, interactive terminals, mobile recording and broadcasting has been applied in smart classrooms.

This not only requires the wireless network to support more types of terminal equipment, but also means that the wireless network must be reliably secured for the increasingly high concurrency, large bandwidth, low latency and multi-service applications.

Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 is here!

With the advantages of high speed, high concurrency, anti-interference, and Ruijie’s smart scenario-based antenna, it can meet the increasing wireless application requirements of the university teachers and students, and ensure the teaching experience.

These schools have already taken the lead in applying Ruijie Wi-Fi 6:

World-renowned engineering institute founded for a hundred years -- Harbin Institute of Technology
The new Wi-Fi 6 technology offers 10G wireless access rate in high-density classrooms

Focusing on the national marine potestatem strategy as well as regional economic and social development needs, the Weihai Campus of Harbin Institute of Technology adheres to the school orientation of “building marine potestatem, serving Shandong, expanding national defense, promoting internationalization, and focusing on the main battlefield of national economy”. Since the deployment of wireless network in 2016, more than 3,000 Ruijie wireless APs have been deployed for wireless coverage. At the end of 2017, the latest wireless technology protocol 802.11ax was released. Taking into account the service needs in the next two years, the institute upgraded the classroom with Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 AP, which can provide up to 10G overall wireless access rate, thereby greatly improving the Wi-Fi experience of the teachers and students in the classrooms.

One of the first key universities of the national Project 211 -- Northeast Normal University
The Wi-Fi 6 wireless AP increases the bandwidth efficiency of the office network by 30%

As a benchmark for teachers' colleges in Northeast China, the Northeast Normal University has always been at the forefront of informatization. In 2016, the university deployed multiple APs, Wall APs and i-Share+ Series Mini APs to build a full-coverage wireless campus network with no dead zones, supporting video conferencing, wireless calls, wireless surveillance and other applications. In 2018, Ruijie Networks' first Wi-Fi 6 wireless AP RG-AP840-I was successfully deployed in the office of the Northeast Normal University, which enhanced the overall bandwidth efficiency of the university’s office network by more than 30% compared with 11ac, and the result was highly recognized by the teachers.

One of the first key universities in the national central and western universities capacity building project -- Guangxi University for Nationalities
Building a smart library with Wi-Fi 6

Built in 1952, the Guangxi University for Nationalities Library is committed to becoming the academic knowledge center and information center for school teaching and research as well as another classroom for the student readers. Today, the library's services have evolved from traditional manual operations to networked and automated management. In order to meet the needs of Wi-Fi access of teachers and students in the library, especially in the case of high-density access which has high requirements for high-performance and high-traffic wireless network, the Guangxi University for Nationalities has deployed Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 products to provide full Wi-Fi coverage for the entire library. The high performance and large bandwidth of the new equipment guarantee the service expansion and application development needs of the library network in the next five years. Its IoT expansion features can support the library’s future featured application services.

The only comprehensive arts university in Northeast China -- Jilin University of Arts
Wi-Fi 6 wireless AP creates a healthy and smart campus

The Jilin University of Arts planned to enhance the application and management experience in the digital campus network upgrade project with the latest information technology. The better application experience also posed higher requirements on the wireless network. The university has adopted the tri-radio Wi-Fi 6 wireless AP , combined with the iData big data solution, to track the students' campus activity records in the past 24 hours and attendance records of the classes, and analyze students' online loan tendency according to online behaviors, bringing the values of wireless network perception, estimation, and early warning to create a new smart campus which is healthy and uplifting.

In the education industry which Ruijie has been deeply rooted for a long time, Ruijie wireless APs are deployed in more than 2,000 universities and 60,000 wireless classrooms across the country, enabling continuous innovation of teaching models.