Under the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, the Tin Shui Wai Catholic Primary School was officially opened on September 4, 1995 and has expanded from 4 classes at the beginning to 30 classes at present. The first graduates graduated in July 1998.

Adhering to the goal of Catholic education, the school emphasizes the gospel-based whole-person education and is committed to cultivating students' self-respect and serving of others. It also motivates students’ national spirit and civic responsibility, encourages them to care and appreciate the world, and makes the earth a better place to live.
The School Service Center of Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong proposed the desktop virtualization infrastructure project for the diocese primary and secondary schools. Ruijie Networks accepted the invitation and participated in the tendering. We received the testing invitation from Tin Shui Wai Catholic Primary School and finally passed the test.

In addition to meeting the tendering requirements of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong such as high convenience, ease of use and energy saving, Ruijie Cloud Class Solution is also a software and hardware integrated solution, which can easily manage 40 cloud terminals through a cloud server. The RG-ClassManager Rainbow teaching software can facilitate teaching in class and turn on/off the cloud terminals with one click.