Project Background

  • As the leading selfie expert, OPPO has been ranked as the 4th smartphone brand globally since 2016 (Source: IDC 2016-2017, Q3) and presents the best selfie experience for more young people around the world.
  • In Indonesia, OPPO was established in 2013 in Jakarta, and currently there are more than 250 staff working in the head office. The IT division got a lot of complaints from users, because of the bad Wi-Fi experience.
  • The issues include:Hard to connect to Wi-Fi; Slow Wi-Fi Access; No Internet Access even W-Fi is connected already; Often to restart Access Points; No cloud-based monitoring, only local software; Bad roaming experience; Very high interference.


  • Flagship Wi-Fi Access Point 802.11ac RG-AP740-I equipped with Smart Antenna “X-Sense4“ with 4x4:4 MU-MIMO to provide fast and stable Wi-Fi Access in high-density scenario.
  •  Ruijie RG-AP130(W2) Wall AP adopts a dual-radio, dual-band design fitted for scenarios of Bosses Room and Meeting Rooms.
  • The RG-WS6008 Wireless Controller can manage up to maximum capacity of 448 APs with license upgrade, Seamless integrated with Ruijie Wireless Intelligent Cloud Service (WIS) that provides AI-based wireless optimization round the clock for your Wi-Fi service.

Customer Value

  • Ruijie enterprise wireless solution finally can solve Customer’s Wi-Fi problem with X-Sense Smart antenna to make customer feel much better experience with following benefit:
  1. Less Access Point devices means less interference
  2. More stable connection
  3. Seamless wireless roaming between APs
  4. Less complaints
  5. No more APs that need to restart frequently