Project Background

  • Bandung Islamic University (Indonesian: Universitas Islam Bandung, abbreviated as UNISBA) is one of the oldest and most prestigious private universities in Indonesia located in Bandung, West Java. UNISBA only accepts about 25% of new students from 10,000 applicants each year. According to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education College Ranking (2015), UNISBA ranked 32 out of 3,320 universities in Indonesia.
  • UNISBA had some problems with Local Area Network (LAN) wired and wireless access. The network was not stable and hard to manage. There are too many networking vendors, making it difficult for network management.  Then in 2016, UNISBA decided to adopt Ruijie’s solution for the network upgradation.


  • High-density RG-AP520(W2) for Public Area and flagship wireless access point RG-AP740-I for meeting rooms.
  • High performance enterprise wireless controller RG-WS6008.
  • L3 switch with RG-S5750-H series, upgrading 1G to 10G backbone to each building.
  • Seamless roaming experience, unified SSID for students and staffs with more secured WLAN access.
  • Centralized wireless controllers and WIS to monitor and optimize the wireless network.

Customer Value

  • More Stable Wi-Fi access for students and staffs.
  • Cloud-based WIS helps visualize the network and makes the job easier for IT managers.