Project Background
Kidswant is a data-driven, innovative, new omni-channel family service provider that operates on the basis of user-relationship. It is a leading brand in the mother-and-baby retail and value-added service field in China. Kidswant provides an omni-channel shopping experience with large physical stores, a PC-end online shopping mall, and a mobile app. At the same time, Kidswant houses nationally-certified professional childcare consultants, caringly providing merchandise and services tailored for every consumer anytime, anywhere, and with a personal touch. In the early stages when Kidswant was building its branches, low-cost hubs and domestic-grade wireless routers were used, and HQ connected with branches through the internet using ADSL. As the volume of physical store customers grew, the existing low-cost network equipment could not meet the support demands of operations, whether in concurrent performance or data security encryption functions, and needed to be upgraded.
Customer Requirements
  • To provide free Wi-Fi for consumers in every store to enhance the consumer experience while promoting the Kidswant App
  • To upload real-time core business data (such as POS/CRM/WMS) from outlets to HQ to improve management efficiency, through communications via IPSEC VPN
  • To achieve remote and unified management of the network equipment of all stores across the country, reducing on-site operations and maintenance pressure on IT managers
Ruijie Solution
Ruijie provides a three-in-one security solution for over 100 physical stores across the country, connecting HQ with branches, providing wireless Internet access for visitors, and conducting big data analysis of customer flow in the physical stores. Secure interconnection between HQ and branches provides a secure transmission channel for business data. Wireless Internet access of visitors provides good network support for notification of members' store visits, precise marketing, and online interaction. Big data analysis of store customer flow provides information on returning customers of physical stores, offering information on the length of stay, key phrases followed, etc., this offers a marketing reference for members' personalized services. A multi-function gateway (route + VPN + Internet authentication + log audit) and multiple high-performance wireless APs that support 802.11AC are deployed in each physical Kidswant store; two high-performance multi-function gateways are deployed at HQ to securely interconnect with business data from stores. At the same time, the unified configuration and strategy implementation of the wired and wireless devices of stores across the country are done through the central management platform.
Solution Value
  • WeChat authentication for easy follower growth: With Wi-Fi connection through WeChat authentication and auto-following of the official account, consumers can become members of Kidswant official account after connecting to its Wi-Fi network.
  • Automatic wireless network optimization: Using the free WIS (Wireless Intelligent Service) smart network optimization platform, Wi-Fi experiences of customers at every outlet can be monitored. Dynamic adjustment of the configurations can be conducted to ensure the best Internet experience.
  • Centralized control, worry-free network management: Through the wireless cloud service platform Ruijie Cloud, the wired and wireless network configuration of each store is managed, greatly improving the efficiency of implementations and operation/maintenance management.
  • Log auditing, secure compliance: Gateways of stores meet technical standards of network supervision authorities, and also meet the local requirement of 6-month log retentions and the regulatory requirement of real-time synchronization with the network monitoring platform.