Project Background 
Wanda Cinemas was established in 2005. Currently, it has 260 cineplexes in over 80 cities around the country, offering 2,300 silver screens in total and taking the number one market share in the Chinese market. As the Wanda Cinemas chain continues to grow, it maintains the core service philosophy of offering audience-centered cinematic experience and values.
Customer Requirements
  • Free Wi-Fi for cinema patrons at all lounge areas, enhancing the consumer experience
  • To gain fans and movie club members through the WeChat authentication 
  • To achieve unified management and maintenance of all outlets in the country, thus reducing pressures on IT management personnel at HQ
Ruijie Solution
Based on the requirements of Wanda Cinemas, Ruijie Networks provides Wi-Fi networks for over 200 of Wanda Cinemas' chain of outlets, offering superior network experiences. Utilizing the solution framework consisting of smart wireless APs, wireless cloud marketing platform and wireless cloud network management platform, the HQ is able to monitor and manage the Wi-Fi of over 200 outlets using the wireless cloud management platform Ruijie Cloud. There is no need for any outlet to configure the wireless APs on-site. Everything is plug and play. On top of providing patrons with a carefree wireless network experience, as the portal of Wanda Cinemas' official online ticket purchasing network, it provides information on blockbusters according to the movie preferences of customers.
Solution Value
  • WeChat authentication for easy follower growth: With Wi-Fi connection through WeChat authentication and auto-following of the official account, consumers can become members of the Wanda Cinemas official account after connecting to its Wi-Fi network.
  • Automatic wireless network optimization: Using the free WIS (Wireless Intelligent Service) smart network optimization platform, Wi-Fi experiences of customers at every outlet can be monitored. Dynamic adjustment of the configurations can be conducted to ensure the best Internet experience.
  • Cloud management and zero-touch provisioning: With Ruijie Cloud, the wireless network configurations of every outlet can be managed remotely in a unified manner. Personnel on site only have to plug in the devices and connect to the Internet to have auto-configuration carried out, greatly enhancing the efficiency of implementation, operation, maintenance and management.