Customer Profile
Ibis is an international hotel company owned by AccorHotels, a hotel holding company. AccorHotels is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and was founded in 1967. Ibis opened its first hotel in 1974. The hotels are generally close to city centers, airports, beaches or railway stations, and offer low rates compared to many global hotel groups of comparable size. As of December 31, 2017, there are 1,137 hotels throughout 65 countries worldwide.
  • Poor Wi-Fi coverage and unsatisfying Wi-Fi performance with existing APs (legacy 802.11n standard)
  • Lack of budget for expensive solutions
  • Difficulty in managing all hotel group’s APs
Ruijie Solutions
  • Wall AP RG-AP130(L) was selected for each room to ensure excellent coverage
  • Adopted Ruijie Cloud solution with unlimited capacity
  • Single platform management for all Ruijie devices
  • Out-of-box enterprise Wi-Fi features on cloud (e.g. Roaming, RF Optimization)
Customer Benefits
  • Zero complaint on the wireless coverage now
  • High ROI –cost-effective performance compared with most enterprise Wi-Fi brands
  • Cloud management streamlined Ibis’s IT Division, making it easy for multi-site monitoring & operation