Customer Profile

Bangkok Century Park Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in the Victory Monument Area, near central Bangkok. It has 380 bright and elegant guest rooms and boasts its lush garden with stunning views over the city, thus providing an ideal accommodation option for visitors from all around the world.

  • Poor Wi-Fi coverage and unsatisfying Wi-Fi performance with existing APs (legacy 802.11n standard)
  • Lack of budget for Wall AP solution in each room
  • Lack of budget for traditional hardware controller-based solution
  • Difficulty in managing APs remotely (partner side)
Ruijie Solutions
  • Deployed over 220 scenario-based APs: RG-AP520(W2) for guest room corridor, RG-AP740-I for lobby and restaurant, RG-AP630 for outdoor coverage (swimming pool, sky garden, etc.)
  • Adopted FREE Ruijie Cloud solution
  • Zero-server provisioning on customer premises
  • Out-of-box enterprise Wi-Fi features (e.g. Roaming, Guest Portal, Voucher, RF Optimization)
Customer Benefits
  • Zero complaint on the wireless coverage now
  • High ROI – one single RG-520W2 AP for 4 rooms, no additional server /controller investment
  • Partner satisfied with cloud management, making it easy for multiple-tenant monitoring & maintenance