Project Background
  • Bank of China Guizhou Branch (hereinafter referred to as BOC Guizhou Branch) is a province branch subsidiary to Bank of China, with 8 second-level branches.
  • The original 1# network of BOC Guizhou Branch was established in 2008. With the development of businesses, the overall performance of the devices can no longer meet the requirements of the current business development; therefore, BOC Guizhou Branch intends to purchase new devices for a replacement.
  • 1# network transformation of BOC Guizhou Branch involves core switches of the entire network, downlink routers of the province branch, uplink routers of the second-level branches across the province, and core switches and external routers for the second-level branches across the province.
  • Ruijie Networks has adopted RG-S8610E as the core switch of 1# network, which applies an advanced CLOS multi-level multi-plane switching infrastructure capable of providing continuous bandwidth upgrade and business support enough to meet the requirements for network development in the next five years.
  • The key components of RG-S8610E, such as the main engine and the power module, are all in redundancy design. All redundant modules are hot pluggable, maximizing reliability and availability of the complete equipment to its largest extent.
  • The downlink routers of the province branch, local convergence routers of the second-level branches and external routers are all RG-RSR77-X series routers from Ruijie Networks, which are capable of meeting various demands of users with their excellent performance and high scalability.
Customer Value
  • The transformed network offers high performance, reliability and compatibility, adequately ensuring the bank's business expansion in the coming years.