Project Background
  • Agricultural Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as ABC) ranks top 7 in the "Top 1000 World Banks".
  • Based on business requirements and research and analysis of similar systems in the same industry, ABC decides to adopt a self-built Wi-Fi portal system to establish a unified business promotion portal and provide Internet access services for outlets users throughout the country.
  • Ruijie Networks has adopted an innovative financial outlets guest wireless marketing solution which has divided the overall network architecture into a three-level deployment: head office data center, first-level branch data center and outlets.
  • The solution has adopted three major types of products, Ruijie wireless, outlet gateway and software, in dozens of product series of more than 40,000 sets in total.
  • Ruijie Networks has completed the delivery and launching of 24,000 sales outlets nationwide in only 3 months, realizing a miracle of construction and delivery of large-scale Wi-Fi system, and setting a "Super" case for Wi-Fi deployment in the financial industry in China.
Customer Value
  • For the bank with the largest number of sales outlets in the world, this system is the largest outlet Wi-Fi project in the financial industry so far.
  • The platform has contributed to many achievements such as substantial improvement of user experience of ABC, efficient promotion of bank products and financial services, and enhancement of business efficiency of the outlets. It has achieved a win-win goal for both the bank and customers and become the key action for ABC to be a "Smart Bank" in the future.