Project Background
  • The production network scale of Beijing Yangqiao Data Center of China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as CCB) increases continuously with the launching of the new-generation business system, along with increasing business pressure of the operation and management blocks in the production network.
  • In order to meet the demand for the expansion and structural optimization of operation and management blocks, CCB starts to transform and expand the operation and management section.
  • High-end data center switch RG-N18000, data center level TOR 10-gigabit switch RG-S6220 series and TOR gigabit switch RG-S6000 series from Ruijie Networks are selected.
  • By deploying the three-level network infrastructure and adopting horizontal virtualization technology, the solution provides comprehensive support for transformation and optimization of the operation and management blocks of CCB from the perspectives of simplified management and easier expansion.
Customer Value
  • The overall structure is clearer and more complete to realize simpler and more convenient operation, maintenance and management.
  • With satisfactory scalability and applicability of the new infrastructure, CCB can deploy its business system more rapidly in line with business demands.
  • For new server deployment, users only need to expand the switching equipment under horizontal virtualization infrastructure of Ruijie Networks, which saves a lot of time and labor cost.