Project Background
  • The Helong Sports Center in Changsha spreads over 150,000 sqm and can accommodate 55,000 spectators. It is the fourth largest sports arena in China.
  • The construction of wireless infrastructure in large-scale venues like sports arenas is especially difficult. Numerous APs are required to allow tens of thousands of connections. With frequency interference, the more number of APs deployed, the more serious interference becomes. On the other hand, insufficient deployment will result in signal blind spots, and that will be an embarrassment to the provider.  The traditional AP + directional antenna deployment method relies on the setting of antennas, and the slightest error will have a major impact on results.
  • On 23 March 2017, the “China vs Korea” soccer World Cup qualifying match was held, and China’s team won. Backed by Ruijie Networks, Helong Sports Center successfully provided high quality Wi-Fi converage for 55,000 spectators.
  • The “micro honeycomb” solution does not require very much setting of antennas, this reduces difficulties in adjustment processes and saves time. In addition, APs are deployed below seats. The coverage area of devices are controlled by making use of the signal blockage effect of the position of the seats, and this ameliorates interference issues and allows more deployment points, which in turn increases user-capacity and ensures connectivity in a situation of extremely high density of users. Compared to ceiling-installation of indoor APs, this will not have signals originating from above deflected off the ground, and signals are more easily controlled.
  • This solution has 800 units of “micro honeycomb” RG-AP520 (HD) providing coverage for 55,000 spectators, offering high-speed, stable wireless network access. Soccer fans were able to view the match from various perspectives online, watch replays, etc. The greatly elevated spectator experience. Transformation of sports arenas, embracing future developments.
Customer Value
  • Rujie Networks’ “micro honeycomb” solution gave thousands of spectators at Helong Sports Center fast Internet connections; it allowed a massive throng of fans to interact at another level.
  • The deployment of wireless infrastructure at the stadium for this event built a solid foundation for future events. It also gives the stadium additional abilities to accommodate major events and concerts, slowly transforming it into a commercial stadium and allowing it to embrace future developments.